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  1. This is not a butthurt raging thread. I'm not even angry. I'd say if anything, I'm relieved. I've put too much time into this game anyways.

    So why make a thread? - To give kotfe their props. That's what you want right?

    I can only assume that I must have broken the 5 hit rule on a kotfe member during the pvp event.  So let's tell the kawmunity what happens to people so bold.

    8.5 Trillion in allies. 165 million bfa. Not a single wall post or follow from kotfe during event or after. Just woke up one day with 0 allies, 11 billion gold left, and steals still coming in. Over 7k of each sdp burned.

    I'm slow clapping for kotfe right now.

    Thank you for putting things in perspective.


    So after having a few more hours to think about this, my thoughts have changed a bit. I'm still not angry, like I said before, I put to much time into this game and should quit anyways. I'm still contemplating retirement or not, but I keep wondering - who decided to do this and why?

    I've never been an osw player, or even a pvp player except for the event, so I don't pretend to know anything about clan alliances. Most of the failed steals I saw came from kotfe clans, Sparta elite, and veritas.

    Someone in my clan was asked this morning why I was farming someone in veritas. Well, I haven't hit anyone at all since the pvp event, but looking at the veritas roster, I see two names that I remember from the event. #7 rapid fire, and #16 cole009.

    Are these the cowards that started this??? Why no response from anyone? I can't think of anything more cowardly than surprise stripping someone with 10,000 steals when they don't even know there's a conflict. On top of that, they choose a lone target with no osw alliances, and can't even own up to it afterward.

    It was basically the equivelant of the U.S. Nuking an unsuspecting Tijuana Mexico.

    Bravo cowards.
  2. 7k of each sdp? Do spy losses not count towards your battles lost?
  3. they do not.
    atk offence w/L
    atk defense w/L

    the two added together are your battle stats on your profile page.
  4. Should do your research before you make a thread...
  5. Enlighten me
  6. Yeah i attacked a couple of them during event. Ruined it for me lol
  7. He gone.
  8. Player paid nicely
  9. ☠Ҝǿ₮ʄҽ ༺Á̸P☣Ć̸Ạ̸Ł༒ཾPṨ̸Ξ༻ ☠Ҝǿ₮ʄҽ 
  10. You probably did the same thing that i did during the PvP event. Accidently joined in with a strip against a kotfe member :/ most costly 5 hits i ever had
  11. Guessing is not wise. Ops opted out of the PvP event then was in wc posting sword holders.
    I was hitting anyone n everyone n received the same. So Ops wanted it both ways n pays for it. Brought it upon himself being on both sides of the fence.
  12. What are you talking about? I didn't opt out, and never posted in wc during event either.
  13. Sounds like my big homies know what they doing...
  14. Lol gutted 
  15. I can confirm breezy never opted out. I farmed DE the whole event and know who did and didnt opt out in his clan
  16. Who needs to confirm that Breezy didn't opt out when they have the acheivement from the event. Only those who participated to the end have that. Not to call anybody out, but somebody needs to get their facts right before posting.
  17.  dayumm!! ... Getting rid of my allies asap..
  18. Btw, isnt anyone disturbed about the fact that kotfe just had 8.5t in their backpockets? They just stripped 8.5t according to OP and its like they dont think it was such big a deal. Its just creepy
  19. Why no response from the cowards that started this. Someone had a problem with me, so they get half of kaw to strip me, and they don't have the balls to even tell me who they are.

     what a warrior
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