KotFE- Black Flame Exposed

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  1. WARNING!!!
    This thread is solely meant for entertainment purposes.
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    As you may know already, KotFE- Black Flame and The Spartan War Machine are in WAR at the moment. Roland has already posted a thread, thinking that he knows our strategy. Boy was he wrong. There was no successful infiltration made by the folks over at Black Flame. Our infiltration though...well that's a completely different story. What I'm about to show you will most likely cause you to go blind. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED AGAIN!

    Here we are at Spartan Headquarters:

    Our valiant spy

    had just returned from the enemy after deceiving them to obtain their secrets.

    What I'm about to show is classified information. Be WARNED (again) THOUGH!! You may go blind on some of these... Especially Roland's...

    Anyways, without further ado:

    Drunk Farming Machine (Also known as DFM)
    Just as the name says it, all he knows is drunk farming.

    I know, I was shocked as well. After hearing him make fun of us Spartans, you'd think he'd
    be cool like those guys in Men in Black. Boy was I wrong.

    I'm not sure how to describe this one but...

    I have got respect for this guy no matter what anyone else says. He's the only
    coolest guy at Black Flame... shame that he wasn't able to join us

    This guy is always cautious... he nearly caught our spy.

    That is all

    Duck Vader
    What do you get when you combine a duck and Darth Vader? This...

    Those stats...not even over 9000

    Drunk Farming Taty Machine (Not to be confused with Drunk Farming Machine)
    Just like the Drunk Farming Machine, the Drunk Farming Taty Machine also only knows how to
    drunk farm. Once in a while, she can talk proper English... most of the time, it's gibberish.

    Look out Front.. she's coming for you

    Dark Silent
    OMG... HE TALKS!!

    Apparently, Black Flame have 2 pet bears....

    Boo Boo
    Don't be fooled people!! She may be cute, but you never know what's going through her mind.

    Yes... yes you are....

    Exactly as the name says...Sleeps in plunder, dines in plunder, works in plunder, everything is plunder for this warrior.

    Last but not least, Buu
    Om Nom Nom Nom Nom

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