Kotfe Awakening overrules Apoc ruling

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Miek01, Aug 9, 2015.

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  1. Yay ;) post number 100
  2. -Ogreatone- never fights alone, that's why you guys are involved now isn't it.

    Xlantis is not denying he broke his word not to interfere. That's why kotfe involved. When I confronted him in pm with this and more he involved kotfe not even unfollowed.
  3. You admittedly we're never 1vs1ing. You said it was 4vs1 to begin with. The 4 being on your side. Why do you keep avoiding that?
  4. Dmc its miek's method of discussion rant rave and ignore what anyone else says when they don't agree with her.
  5. Dear diary:
    Heavy rain today. Hope weather is better tomorrow for my race. Funny day on kaw too! Had temp ask me if I could be nicer! I thought big tough farmers didn't need to ask their victims to be nice ! Enjoying my wall comments from them ! Very very sensitive lot :)
  6. DMC.. Cause itvwas like 15:2 at the beginning. Again... Og never fights by himself.

    Serp: my talking would be a bit much to a hanger-on..who can't think for himself.. Hitting others cause others do..   
  7. kofte is so good, they farm people 4x smaller than them to make them quit over something stupid. They ruin the fun of the game for people who didn't do anything to them. Maybe if they fought people their size id have a little more respect for em
  8. Yall lol
  9. Let me understand... You run your mouth at me on forums thinking I can't hit you. You quickly realize that you're within my hit range. You get your ass handed to you. Now you cry that I'm hitting you? Maybe you shouldn't have insulted someone who is 4 times your size? That would of been a great start? Now cry 
  10. Lol silver bulley - time line on your wall shows you picking on cow 7 days ago ! You look stupid claiming that it was about forum post buddy ! Try another story. Your childish arrogance would fit right in with a clan I know quite well this last week
  11.  those wall posts were a result of forum stuff but really, speaking about something you know nothing about makes you look like a ass hat. Move along 
  12. Sigh.. Only thing they can say is crying and mouthing... I guess they don't have anything to really fight for.
  13. This is Kingdoms at War, You really don't need reasons to fight, that's just what you're supposed to do.
  14. We on the same boat miek0 thought kofte prompoted pvp, after a couple of days of pvping with Ddumb1 machine 3 subclans strip me lmao guess their members too stupid to pvp. Lmao
  15. We're not a greedy group of friends we share strips dumb dumb.
  16. Your saying in this pvp that was just only us, if i strip you with my friends its ok because i would also be sharing right? Say i do would they be farmed for participating?
  17. As long as you the only one buying go for it. Remember dumb dumb it's just a game with fake gold.
  18. Silver cross make your own butthurt forum post...leave miek to cry on this one.
  19. Dear diary : bit surprised how all noisy wall warriors are not getting much back up today. I thought you were going to pin me? Interesting that new clan didn't know your all busy strip farming ! They don't seem to approve - perhaps it's time you found a new stone to crawl under ?
  20. Calling people wall warriors while talking trash in forums is pretty dumb.
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