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  1. Ok, so I got an Amazon Fire tv stick for Christmas. I gleefully opened and hooked it up only to find that there's very little "free" content on it. I was pretty bummed and thought I might be missing something ( besides a prime account).

    That brought me to good ol Google where much to my surprise as I'm typing in Amazon Fire tv stick the words "hack" appear in my search bar. Although I'm not terribly tech savvy my curiosity cannot be abated.

    I find that my useless stick runs on android os and can be side loaded with an app called kodi. So I install some system on my computer to side load this kodi app.

    Everything works out good and I find that kodi is some sort of media player. I also discover there are several addons that allow you to stream virtually any movie or tv show. Literally any movie or tv show!

    My useless stick has now become of great value to me
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  3. I have Amazon Prime and I can say its worth the $100 a year for sure in my case. I order something almost every other week and I get free two day shipping along with prime video, music, etc. if you can spare the $100 I would invest in Prime for sure.
  4. I myself use a chromecast... I'm even using it now.

    I've never used amazon fire stick but from my experience with Google's Chromecast... I gotta say, it's amazing.
  5. I use Roku. I don't have cable. I rarely watch TV.
  6. I don't watch much tv but I love movies
  7. I use showbox on android... Works like a charm, going to watch Creed and Sicario in a bit
  8. I don't know what any of that means. But I have Netflix and I loved jessica jones.
  9. ^Media streaming devices that plug into your tv via a hdmi port.

    They basically turn any tv into a smart tv and the remote is your handheld device/pc.

    Really great for multimedia consumption of the daily consumer.
  11. Get Showbox

    Free app which gets all films, all exclusives, all tv shows. Currently watching the hateful eight for free.

    I've had no problems with viruses and the user interface is good.
  12. Gary Busey had told me to get an Amazon TV fire stick. It has been an amazing experience, especially when I found Kodi.

    I thought Kodi was a myth, like dryland. But it wasnt. So its good.

  13. Love Kodi! I have three sticks, one for each room.
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  18. Kodi is great. I use 1Channel for my shows and movies, what do you use/do you recommend something else?
  19. Kodi is good for the free sports. But I prefer my chromecast