KNW: Last Edition.

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  1. My Swan Song:

    Threads being locked, deleted, or graveyard when they didn't break the TOU.

    This has been the theme from the moment KaW celebrated it's 7th anniversary.

    It all started with a glitch.

    Kaw is known for glitchy updates and typos. A theme so common it is expected but I'm not complaining about that. I'm complaining about how they handled it.

    Threads lashing out against the developers were deleted, some of those players forum banned for a period of time.

    Post on the main thread removed, and worse of all, a petition thread rallying up players to post their names in protest against another update on building expansion. That one is the worse of them.

    How is it that a support thread against your update on builds is deleted. Eventually, the devs locked their post, and try to run from the unhappy customers as they toyed away with their glitch but people are relentless in this game.

    It use to be a war game, some players still have that stubbornness that was required in Off System War. It's nice to see that even if war is dead in kaw, some still have the stubbornness.

    Though, even today these post are being deleted. Milky made a thread after failing to get support to help him when it came to an issue with the game being down for 15-20 minutes while he was running full.. What ever you do now for more gold. Crux, a spell, hte. He was sailing full mass with his fairy wings spread across the Horizon and bam, a solid chunk of his effort wisp down the drain. He contacted support, plead his claim, he gets.. A health crystal and a copy and paste response.

    That thread is gone and he (she?)expressed his/her issue much more professionally than I.

    But I, I have lost my love for this game. And after seeing all the changes and all of the hope that came with Charlie come and go and turn to nothing more than a pipe dream, I left. I just lerk now.

    But I find this recent tarnish on the game is the worse of all. Not the glitch... The censorship.

    I already knew you ignored us. Already knew you only pandered and updated this game to satisfy the top of the of the leaderboard.

    I already knew your update testing systems were horrible.

    But you always let us complain and protest. The TOU has a few crap rules in it but it was fair enough. But what has happened in the past days has been disgusting.

    And I fought beside myself when I was deciding to write this. Complaining about silences and forum bans are against the TOU.. Even if that silence was unjust.

    But support is not well enough or too held back to help.

    So I'll sit here with you, saying the last words I will probably ever be allowed to say in forums. I have been banned a few times. From osw rants to direct insults against ata_Grant to a few jokes I got to risky when telling them.

    This is turning into a ramble.

    So while it's here, enjoy. Use the comments to complain about the censorship or to call me out. Troll, sidetrack, and go wild.

    And to think, you said the glitch would do damage to the in game economy. Ha! That economy has long been damaged with every damn new build and land you have out sence highlands.

    What a joke.

    This is KNW and I'm your host.
    Good Night and Good Fight.

    R.I.P. Off System PvP
  2. Respect on saying out loud what many people think...
  3. Support :'(
  4. support, saw this coming n just wait for it, the next release will b early next year perhaps with a small stream of boosts to plunder that'll never make up for the gap as usual n we'll see more quit again, cycles have been more than repetitive for a while now, they're just lazy n unimaginative, & the only change we're going to see is if the players left change there playstyle to oppose its direction.
  5. 100% support. Let's see devs delete and suppress this thread, yet again with the heavy hand of censorship, like pre WWII Germany.
    Bring it evil Devs!!!
  6. SUPPORT! There is more censorship than in north korea. Oh and my friend richard is out and looking for harambe if anyone wants to help. I swear if that gets me forum banned ill die.
  7. Support, waiting for my 5 hour forum ban again, and a response to my e-mail telling the devs how pathetic they are 
  8. This wont be deleted guys, unless people derail it
  9. Support.....devs have completley disregarded those who keep there game alive...we shall see just how likely it is for the top 100 spenders in the game to keep spending when only a few accounts remain.

    Nobody asked for new lands but ive a feeling those dirty apes have done it to protect the lb from being stripped so easilly ....i mean realistically who can strip these accounts now other than lb.

    Ive been disgusted (by some) kiss ass mods fully backing the devs decision that the comunity they serve
  10. I just don't understand.. What's the point of growth anymore? You can't build complete and then when you do.. What is there to do now?

    Before the endless updates (highlands and lower) you had things you could do after build complete, mainly dealing with the then healthy ally market.

    You could get involved in ally trading and building so that you could use the static stats for both EE and OSW. Then launder the allies for OSW. Use those allies to strip other players. Or play with the risk of having other players strip you.

    When you was stripped, it use to mean something too damn it. It use to sting. It use to deflate you! Now.. Strips mean nothing.

    Not when one EB can get me enough gold to get Max Plunder. Not when the gap is so large and the hit range is so small that even when you are stripped only a few members can actually participate.

    That was the competition in this game. That was the risk in this game, that was the adventure, and the reward, and the drama, and the very soul of kaw!

    It use to be a true war game! Not like any other app in the market. Here, you could hit anyone you wanted as much as you wanted for whatever reason you decided was best. Yeah, they or their entire clan or alliance would hit back, but it was fun.

    You had to build strategies, set alarms, talk to your friends, plan strips, designate targets, pin down players, prepare for war!

    You had to draw lines, stand tall, negotiate treaties, declare war! Then hit, strip, banter, and politic.

    That's gone. It's gone man... You still have a shell of osw and stripping but it's not the same. It's tradition and old habits. It doesn't sting anymore... Not the hits... Not the strips.. Even the banter is meaningless when the action feels so hollow. No incoming... I miss that.

    EE is all indy and lowland and you don't need to build for that.. But.. It's not as fun as it was when more people played it.

    EBs have always been lame.. But at least they had difficulties. Now it's 6 bucks and a bucket of xstals and here you go...

    New Age... We tried to warn you what HTE would do. Man we tried, and we fussed, and we stripped the damn mods to let everyone and the developers hear to us and they did... And we paid for our insight. And as our insight turned into hindsight it all was too far gone and way to late.

    They took the war away from us and now they are taking our voice. That last bit of fire we had. Pushing us out and pandering to the money...

    I really hope the leaderboard players enjoy themselves when the rest of us are gone.
  11. The whales don't get involved in osw anymore, look how many of them ran when the kotfe/zaft wars broke out. The whales have killed this game, and the whales will be the biggest losers when it all comes to an end lol
  12. I played on so many phones... so many accounts... I can't remember what my old accounts were. I remember when KaW was so popular... and now it's dying. I remember when WC was so filled with ads that you couldn't even talk... I hate to see how KaW is nowdays.
  13. A Moody Opinion (and not endorsed by ATA)...

    I understand the frustration amongst the community. I get that the new buildings are unpopular with 95% of the population. I get that the issues surrounding their release and the subsequent glitch was problematic.

    However, I know that I will never be Land Complete, Build Complete. It is a goal that is entirely unobtainable for me and my style of not paying to play. If the goal of LCBC is for you then by all means, you knew the only way to get there in the short term.

    I play this game to chat with friends, smack an eb around if I feel like it and these days moderate (the quality of the latter is not what this thread is about).
    That doesn't mean other players don't have the right to complain about anything. Frankly, if people didn't complain then something is clearly wrong somewhere else.

    The buildings were required for that 5% that were bored at the top. The ally market, as you've mentioned, is certainly stagnant at the moment and players up there must find it understandably dull to have nothing to do.

    There are obvious lessons for all to learn from these issues that have happened in the last couple of days.

    I personally hope an alternative gold sink is found so that new lands/buildings aren't the only option for the top players in this game to spend on. I guess, like everyone, I'll just have to wait and see.

    Moody ️
  14. Full support.

    As always Mags, you manage to express the collective sentiment with such insight and heart. I really hope ATA comprehend what they've done.
  15. I have to disagree. The 5% at the top are there because they chose to be. No one forced them to spend a ton of money in a vain attempt at becoming #1. If they're bored then they have no one to blame but themselves. What's going to happen with this new release will be the same thing that has happened with EVERY new land/building release and that is the 5% will bc again very very shortly, recoup their losses just as fast because now they're making that much more per unload, and be right back where they started before the release. In this case it was 6 months. 6 months from the release of Osman Rai they've already released another building update to keep the top end happy. How soon before the next one? Or the next?