[KNOWN ISSUE] iPhone 6 Display Zoom

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  1. Android sucks for warring
  2. 1. Zoom/Standard does nothing, still 1/3 of the screen is seen and that doesn't allow anything
    2. I hate the fact for the next few days I can't really play on the go, i'll be missing out (till I get back in the evenings) =(

    I guess it's one of those issues which was not expected. Though in all honesty, the knowledge of a new ios+new phone should have hinted to an update, though it is expected that the knowledge of what was going to be needed for the new update would have been scarce.

    MEH! =[ *waits patiently*
  4. Problem with send in clan chat. Have to tap send button several times, also does not scrool thru cc. Have to close cc then reopen to scroll
  5. I only kaw on android yet still manage to make to 10 in almost all wars no matter the roster size so how come all you iPhone users can't sko while my slow phone can?
  6. Got the new iphone it doesn't work on zoom or standard....so how long before this is fixed???
  7. HAHAHA how do u even know android sucks...have u tried...I played on both and I like computer better android second
  8. My phone is better than your phone.......
  9. An update on our progress.

    After a few rounds of testing on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices the developers have created an update that resolves the issue with Display Zoom, as well as other iOS 8 issues including slowdown. We're now waiting for Apple to approve it. This approval process can take anywhere from a few days to over a week and is unfortunately beyond our control. As soon as we hear that it's been approved we'll make it available to everyone and let you know :)
  10. We loosing interest on a game that feels like pacman from the 70's taking ages to load or complete an action even though we have devices that are pretty pricey and latest technology just because the developers don't have the technology to upgrade and better their game
  11. I have around 100 apps on my 6 Plus. Every app works except this one. Honestly don't know why I'm surprised.

    At least you're consistent devs. Well done.
  12. We've already got an updated version that fixes these issues submitted to Apple, but are awaiting their approval.
  13. I have changed to zoomed but still only display half the page
  14. Got to love the devs. Maybe they forgot to test IOS8 or something.
  15. Anyone having problems with allies, marketplace, quests etc etc not loading on pc?
  16. ^ download android emulator xD
  17. Update is out just an FYI
  18. Updated ty dev