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  1. So I want to get 2.8m troop att/def

    My question:
    Should I put up one level 10 troop build in abyss or multiple troops builds of lower levels in abyss for more gold?

  2. Per hit* I don't care about eb payouts
  3. Get lowlands and Highlands done.What I mean is get lowlands maxed and Highlands level 1 all,isn't much of an expense.Forget about HF,just use 1xlvl 1 spy building and 1xlvl 1 attack building(helps with regen time).Concentrate on Abyss mainly,higher buildings levels bring in better plunder.
  4. Can you read the question plz
  5. Put 1 lvl 10 abyss
  6. Don't forget to put commas while you put the 1 level 10 abyss down
  7. You shouldn't either when post count farming :)
  8. My bad,did not pay attention entirely ^^
  9. Nightsky why you even asking question you change your build 4x a week anyway
  10. Knowledge is good to have
  11. Always strive to go for whatever's cheapest first on a set of land until funds get balanced out.
  12. ... Can people actually read the question...but someone answered it already so lock plz
  13. This will be helpful:

    Cult of the Abyssal eye
    Level 2 90b
    Level 3 190b
    Level 4 290b
    Level 5 540b
    Level 6 790b
    Level 7 1240b
    Level 8 1990b
    Level 9 2890b
    Level 10 3790b

    Use that, then add the costs of lands and compare the CS gain/cost between opening a land and upgrading vs upgrading your current buildings. The first couple lands it will be cheaper to put up multiple buildings because lands is even cheaper than the actual upgrade.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.