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Discussion in 'Wars' started by admin, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Well at least it's not too hard for me to gain entry to a top 200 clan
  2. Very nice, they are finally spending some time on wars. ty devs
  3. You can easily make a top 50 clan with no HLBC players. You may not ever get number 1 or in the top 20. But stop crying top 200 clans is ridiculously easy. Hell if all you guys who was crying right now made a clan you'd be in the top 200 easily.

    I know limiting it to top 200 seems harsh. But I'm guessing those who wish to war in this tournament will find clans willing to take them in.
  4. I can appreciate we aren't being given all the details about how this will work yet, but this doesn't sound promising.

    The reason no one system wars anymore isn't because of the high tax rate (I know there's tons of noobs complaining that they can't make gold in war. But serious system war players never cared: you grow to war, you don't war to grow). It's because system wars have become incredibly boring. System wars have become complete turtle fests largely due to the introduction of mith and new eb pots that make doing anything but self-pinning for the duration of a war simply wrong.

    Maybe things were moving in that direction anyways before the change to the war system. In any case, unless the system war mechanics are changed so as to make then exciting rather than scrolling thru dtws for 24hrs, this update will be a failure.

    1. The devs have decided that they can use item drops and special prizes as a carrot to make people keep playing once building and ally trading has become boring. Eventually people will get tired of this too. You won't be able to bait people into wasting their weekends seeing DTW messages unless wars are fun and exciting.

    2. Only the top 200 clans can participate? How many of those clans would be interested in this? Most of these clans are either eb clans or serious osw clans. There might be 15-20 clans even interested in participating in this. Hardly worth a major update unless there are actual changes to the war system that will make people want to war.

    In sum, I hope this update isn't just yet another band-aid trying to lure ppl into warring, because if it is it's not gonna work. Identify the underlying problem and fix it!
  5. Why are you making new stuff but haven't taken care of the perm items for reset issues yet when will we be able to earn them I don't understand why this hasn't been taken care of before this
  6. @A1
    That may not be a problem for a seasoned player but the real problem is we need new players to learn to war over learning to EB because if we have Newbs who only EB then the warring generation will continue to decrease.
  7. Wow pay attention, we won't be able to earn them smart one they announced that.
  8. Support

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  9. [​IMG]

    Support. Finally something that everyone wanted to be added.If you can't make a top 200 clan then wait a week and grow. That's room for 20,040 players. Your chances are good.
  10. [​IMG]

    Lol, clan rank: 201
  11. I call being a cheerleader!
  12. It will be interesting to see which of the top 200 clans will bother going to war.

    Also, how do you end the fake prestige war? Some clans made a business out of that.
  13. KWA :ugeek:
  14. Good point, if clan ranked 130 doesn't participate, does rank 201 take its place?
  15. ^ Or does their proposed opponent automatically advance?
  16. That would be pretty lame. Helloooo 4 round tournament
  17. Seems like a cool idea. Hopefully the devs can make it work.
  18. The title for this thread sounds like a baby thought it up. ATA talk to us about keeping high quality of threads, but they failed at the first hurdle themselves  this just gets funnier and funnier. It's like watching a granny slowly go senile 
  19. So top 200 in strength or prestige?
  20. Sounds like it could possibly be a good update. 25% chance
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