Kingdoms at War!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by admin, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Ok... I'm interested.

    We all see how many people chase the all star war, here we have non stop ASW with glory and prizes at the end.

    It can work guys. Give it a chance.

    I do have one question:

    Is there anything in place to stop mercs? If, for example, Osiris chose to not enter the first round of wars; what would be in place to stop half our players mercing in a 200 rank clan?

    Also, would players that weren't in the clan for the first round be eligible for rounds 2 and 3?

    Are you going to make this a tool to promote clan loyalty or clan hopping?

    Eg: I am in clan "A" in semi final and lose to clan "B".

    I top the plunder so clan "B" asks myself and a few others to join them for the final against clan "C".

    What's in place to stop this happening?

    Oh, and I lol'd at I hit noob's comment. I agree totally. Be careful which "big" clan you join in case you get a spanking on the way! 
  2.  it will probably be locked roster
  3. Locked roster for 8 weeks???
  4. KaW. I love this idea.
  5. It would be nice to have separate brackets for descending clan ranks, With descending awards.
    Though I guess this is a step in a right direction.
  6. How do I join n plz sign me up thank you
  7. I like this better then the last three Kaw announcements 
  8. Finally, that tournament idea comes to life. Can't wait to see how it works out?

    And resetting prestige?  Hopefully now prestige will live up to its dictionary definition.
  9. Unless dtw mechanics are changed this is a turtle feat update and will fail miserably
  10. This is a good announcement but it doesn't really encourage wars for any of the smaller or new players, if we want this to be a war game and not Kingdoms at EBs you need to encourage everyone to war but because system wars aren't very profitable for small clans now or with this update and with older players retiring the generation replacing the older players will have little or no war experince. As a result there should tournaments for smaller clans as well or perhaps the ability to start a small tournament that lies with an admin/owner in which all EBs give mith but the last EB gives actual gold plunder. To avoid plunder distribution abuse simply cut out all plunder if one side forfeits. Or make forfeit plunder according to actions by the players so If an OSF does nothing they get no plunder.
  12. My clan rank is 200... Lolol
  13. Great.!! it seems i am not in the top 200 clans.. lol
  14. My clan rank is 204 :(
  15. I agree with what MissB said earlier. There should be tourney wars for smaller people, but not have an extremely reduced prize or payout for them, but have a decent one so it actualy encourages them to do this kind of thing.
  16. Kingdoms at HLBC you mean? How many times have you seen "color wars" "country wars" or any other forum wars have small guys? They start out with 80 people or so within the range of 800K CS - 6M. Then people get greedy and start kicking them to make room for 8M stat people.

    I think more lower stat people want to war over these HLBC scrubs. They only war when an item comes up or reward is involved. What happened to warring for pride/respect? If the Devs don't bring back legit system wars/Battle List, this game will die, and I hope it dies a slow painful death.
  17. I agree with igcb completely, devs need to see who is it that is organizing wars not the HLBC players, who is it actually doing real system wars not the HLBC crowd, look at perspective_dragon's system war clan see any HLBC players in it? How many HLBC system war clans are there hmm? You need to teach the new players to fight, that's why it isn't kingdoms at war anymore you constantly produce new ways to avoid fighting.
  18. Oh wow rip off again it's only clans 200 and up sure that motivates us lower players
  19. Yes. What is the timeframe for implementation?
  20. Shouldn't the title be ''Some Kingdoms at war''?

    I'm rather disappointed, I set up a clan thinking these tournaments would be multiple clans agreeing to war, not the top 200! I'll still system war with my clan, but not for items or a reward, but for the thrill of winning and fighting along side my friends.

    You can take your tournaments and the items that go with it and shove it up your ass devs.
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