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  1. :| Is this what the mith sale is/was for?
  2. I got excited until i saw top 200 clans... .__.
  3. Any top 200 clans will let me join you
  4. Maybe the idea is to also promote clan unity.

    A lot of players are selfish and rather go out and chase items or do hauntings instead of helping clanmates earn the same item.

    A clan that can stick together,grow together and, pool resources can reach where they need to go. But the common theme is to clan hop for whatever reasons and that's why a lot of clans aren't as strong as they could be.
  5. Any clans want me for the war?
  6. I appreciate this addition and the intent behind it!

    Setting it to the top 200 is very limiting. These sized clans seem to Osw regularly anyway. To get more experience for the other clans, it probably should be adjusted.

    I abhor system wars personally- the title should just go ahead and be turtle tournaments but again its intent is nice.
  7. Bear in mind that one of two things will probably occur with these new items/rewards.

    Devs will either provide garbage items OR if items are good, they'll start flogging them off in the marketplace for a few pennies two weeks after the wars.

    They tried to do it with reset items. They did it with reset slots and they did it with mithril.

    Everything is for sale in this game...
  8. Devs could implement an update in which clan members could make the clan itself stronger. Example, battles with other clans or EB's would give the clan itself earn experience points to level up/stronger. With the clan leveling up, they could access certain skills/spells to use.
  9. So is it top 200 clans by strength or prestige?
  10. I'm pretty sure strength because it says they will be reseting all prestige.
  11. Oh ok, I only read the bottom note
  12. KaW_Admin really means people who spend thousands on nobs. Has nothing to do with warring ability.

    Sellout. Yet again the Devs bend over for the wealthy.
  13. Wait is it the top 200 clans in prestige or strongest?
  14. it says based on prestiege so after they reset that i would assume ppl need 2 start waring fast 2 build it up, but that can be faked 2 easy by waring a dead clan. strength would b a smarter option, but hey only time can see. finally an update im exited about....thx devs :D
  15. Go back 5 posts for the answer...
  16. I love it!!! Finally there's some real wars!
  17. I think I suggested this to you guys in an email ;)
  18. The 'top 200' has been implemented because this way a pure spy cannot simply join a 1-man clan and never get hit
  19. Any top 100 clan that would like me for the wars?
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