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  1. Cor, I'm talking about a completely separate tournament for clans let's say ranks 500-400. That way the clans in 399-200 have to work hard to up their positions as you mentioned something about that I your first post.
  2. yay thatmeans thatenchantments areabout tobe released!!!
  3. Whoops. I meant *with reduced bonuses.

    With reduced bonuses its more of a taster to come. So these players that participate in the smaller tournaments to get a taste of system war, with the added incentive to do more than simply war for a few chunks of mithril.

    About having a small clan against an HLBC clan, i do agree with your suggestion of having ranges for each war, at each dtw/dts range. That sounds like a good idea.

    However, not all clans that are below that top 200 will be completely HLBC. There will be smaller members that can be overcome by larger and smaller builds in the opposing clan.

    With a good strategy and teamwork anything is possible.
  4. Didnt read the last 5 pages but there wont be any clan stacking will there? Pfffft........
  5. Or fall back to the 400-500 range so they can compete in the war and have everyone else just work on growth. Also, again, if you're going off of strength, what determines the strength of the clan are the people in it. Thus, as it's amazingly easy to be deceptive with your strength, which is what larger families will do to get more rewards/bragging rights/prestiege, smaller ranges than the top range, from the max to whatever point, are unlikely to work. :|
  6. I just don't understand the bonuses you're talking about. If you mean mithril rewards, those are already reduced automatically in system wars if you're hitting smaller targets, if you're using a smaller build, etc.
    EDIT: and those clans can already hold system wars. Nothing is stopping them from doing it now, or later on after the wipe, or later on after the update...
  7. This is good. Time for me to start pm'n all my buds and creating a master war clan
  8. Not sure what to think of this...

    Yeah I like the idea of a war tournament system, however like previously posted its be cool to set up your own tournament system war between clans.

    Not sure if the war tournament will be good, or just a top clan crystal-ing all war to win, with 90 HLBC players...

  9. I am referring to the added prizes for finalists and winners in the OP, (points, crystals etc.) only much more reduced than in the seasonal top 200 wars.
  10. Crystals don't make/break games at the top levels, but then, we'll just wait for that one and see how it goes as you say, lol ;)
  11. Oh, so you want free things for participants of a much more easily exploitable/riggable war tournament, as well as it be organized by the developers so nobody has to do any work. I get you now. ;) .
  12. Hmm, that's true and not true, yes it might not make or break it, however it can certainly make a difference.

    Like you said, we'll see when it happens.
  13. For maybe one crystal or two points for a long war tournament with a high cost in terms of pots/mith, and even then only for finalists and winners, i doubt it would be that big to have a huge effect. You could earn more points from questing in the same time.
  14. ..and if that's true, why go through the effort of having a highly laughable reward? Not making fun of you, just wondering what's the motivation, since I'm wagering small clans will say the same. Again though, if you make the reward noticable, you're just promoting more deceptive clans.

    Also, who's to say it wasn't originally the top 100 clans, and it was expanded to top 200 to include the little people? Perspective :p
  15. Also, it would be a lot less exploitable if you use your idea of using the dtw/dts ranges to set up the wars, or ranges in clan ranks.

    It would be a legitimate war but on a smaller scale.
  16. Corinthian, are you back for good now?
  17. Sorry, you play on PC don't you?

    Emoji was shocked face.
  18. So am I right in thinking after the prestige is reset, clans will have to increase their prestige by doing 8 wars to qualify???
  19. Trolls lay off for awile this is prob gonna be trial and error
  20. When I saw the title to the thread... My reaction was, "Oh god no what are they going to do," and when I opened it... Huge relief. It's not a horrible update, but I'm not exactly sure why this affects the smaller players such as myself. Most of us (small players) wouldn't be able to get into a top 200 clan. :|
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