Kingdoms at War!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by admin, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. I was in war last night I was cr1 I could not hit there cr6. You should not be giving us wars we can't we it's theft your taking our ******* money for crystal you theaving that's I want my money back
  2. Mike; if you couldn't hit, then why would you xtal?
  3. Why post this thread it's not to do with that, use the specific threads kaw admin has
  4. Like the all stars war. Epic!!
  5. lol..this is an old forum
  6. Yep lol^ Tournament ? :p remember the 2012Summer Tournament, yh, you know? The one i missed? :p, top 200 clans is going to bug me, really annoys me, BUT DON'T CHANGE IT, I like as it is: Original :3, Now i have to grow, i was planning on stacking allies to at least 1.5T before i started growing again -.-
  7. Whats point of warring if prestige always resets
  8. This is lame strongest clans by stats not actual warriors r always top that's stupid it's kingdoms at war not kingdoms of bought stats
  9. Please stop posting this thread. It is old. And stop complaining.
  10. Bump cause its too funny. Folks complaining about last years war
  11. Bumping old thread could lead in a ban if I'm not wrong. I suggest to keep it die
  12. Can we please fix the match ups before this goes in affect. Fighting 27 vs 29, 416 cs vs 598 cs, 3 smaller lbs vs 6 large lbs is a rediculous miss match.
  13. This is old thread from 2012
  14. 
  15. :O dang those top 200 clans are gonna get packed!!! and then watch the devs impose a limit on the # of players in war from each clan xD hahaa that's gonna be intense…
  16. This is an old thread moron
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.