Kingdoms at War!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by admin, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Almost thought devs were ranting bout war complaints :lol:
  2. thanks for the heads up - kaw :)
  3. can some KAW dev/mod (whoever can) pls change the title from "Kingdoms at War!" to "Prepare for Estoc Season" or something relevant to topic - thx ;)
  4. This is an old thread.
  5. Id like to participate in this war :)
  6. This system was scrapped. Now only people who pay can war. Thanks devs /sarcasm.
  7. Hello old timer kaw_admin! :)

    who's my daddy?
    BlackHandXtreme is my daddy.
  8. xD so many posts about "can i join", when it was made last June
  9. Who bumped this old thing ?
  10. I got the second reply on this :shock:
  11. Big whoop. I got the first.
  12. I got it on a different account :lol:

    One that I can barely use now... :cry:
  13. I got 4th reply :) yay !
  14. Hi Devs
    I do not have option for war crystal in oracle
    What should I do to get that option?
  15. War crystal isn't an official part of the game. It is a player suggested addition
  16. Why the **** is this thread still active?
  17. No on knows ^ ):
  18. Because someone had a war question. They may not be as familiar with the forums as you and do not know about Dolly's question thread. They saw kaw's war thread an figured that was a good place to ask a war based question.

    That's why.
  19. You mean Kingdom at Epic Battles right?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.