Kingdoms at War!

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  1. Title says it all :p

    Weekend wars are coming soon! The tournament system is almost here and we would like to share with everyone what you need to know to prepare.

    -Seasons are quarterly, participation is optional
    -Each clan will participate in 8 wars in order to have a chance in entering the finals
    -Ranking will be determined by your prestige rating, this resets after the season has completed
    -Winners and finalists will receive great prizes! Points, crystals, etc
    -Winners and finalists will receive achievements
    -There might also be a chance to receive special equipment only attainable through wars

    Tips on preparing for incoming war

    -Only the strongest are allowed entry, clans ranked based on strength, top 200
    -Spells and potions are key to ensuring victory
    -Learn to cooperate and work with everyones timezones
    -Also the most important thing is to have fun!

    Note: For this to take into affect we do need to reset everyone's prestige ranking

    More details and specifics of how all this works will be posted soon closer towards release.
  2. So it's only the Top 200 clans?
  3. Top 200 Clans or people?

    This is good 
  4. Kaw_admin, please be more specific people are clans. Also 'the title' doesn't really say much.
  5. Hmmmmm... This might be interesting... Is that war roster clan rank? Or..........?????
  6. Or * my bad
  7. Wait a minute, so the devs run them? I thought 'war tournaments' meant that they're for everyone?

    As in, four clans agree and initiate it like a war.
  8. Top 200 clans :)
  9. It's the top 200 clans, it clearly says that
  10. Lololol omg lololol
  11. So war tourneys are only available for those who are strong and in strong clans

    More ebs then
  12. Yeah agreed with Moody, seems unfair on everyone in small clans who want to war. This will just make more people leave their home clan and join already big clans IMO.
  13. Damn! My clan is ranked 220ish. Looks like in have to join other higher clans for the war. Lolz
  14. Which clans are in I wouldn't mind having ago 
  15. MEMO:
    Join a top 200 clan
  16. Finally! A reason to war! Time to join a BIG clan
  17. when is this happening kaw_admin
  18. Wicked! This sounds fun! Stock up guys
  19. Nice! Sounds fun ^_^ can't wait lol
  20. Its not about clan strength in the end its about activity and ability to work together 
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