Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 12)

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  1. Before PART 12 starts, here is a basic profile for some of the members in The Fourth Prefecture.
    Clan Members: 22 (18 shown)
    KA= Kawmunity Allegiance. M: Male. F: Female. U: Unknown.

    1=Hioki567(Conqueror Class Kingdom): 1,510,200/1,257,000/50,500/50,500(M)
    2=Tekken716(Conqueror Class Kingdom): 7,516,400/5,712,850/1,015,000/1,015,000(M, 3 years KA)
    3=Cherry516(Medical Class Kingdom): 457,500/419,200/27,100/34,000(F, 3 years KA)
    4=TheRight33(Conqueror Class Kingdom): 1,512,800/1,048,174/256,000/256,000(M, 1 year KA)
    5=Gary_The_Great(Conqueror Class Kingdom): 6,215,250/5,195,500/910,000/1,025,000(M, 1 year KA)
    6=Khalifah_ArifAlqursi(Monarch Class Kingdom): 337,340/313,070/52,800/52,800(M)
    7=Minho256(Conqueror Class Kingdom): 2,718,450/2,678,550/415,000/450,200(M, 1 year KA)
    8=Yusuke811(Conqueror Class Kingdom): 32,000/32,000/561,000/561,000(M)
    9=Common_Sense(Monarch Class Kingdom):1,417,854/1,198,000/886,380/886,380(M)
    10=TomCheenJun(Defender Class Kingdom): 581,000/1,751,200/102,500/102,500(M)
    11=V_I_N_C_E_N_T(Monarch Class Kingdom): 840,000/900,000/98,000/98,000(M)
    12=Jun_Matachi(Conqueror Class Kingdom): 1,012,500/926,700/505,000/505,000(M)
    13=Rich_King(Defender Class Kingdom): 20,000/20,000/12,148,500/15,712,600(M, 2 years KA)
    14=TanWaiKen(Monarch Class Kingdom): 1,057,000/921,000/716,000/716,000(M)
    15=Danny_Triker(Defender Class Kingdom): 2,416,000/5,015,000/1,017,000/1,765,000(M, 1 year KA)
    16=Ben681(Defender Class Kingdom): 1,572,580/4,157,000/567,000/785,000(M, 1 year KA)
    17=Sherly-LL(Defender Class Kingdom): 256,700/515,000/34,000/34,000(F)
    18=Takashi_Kun(Monarch Class Kingdom): 917,450/875,000/111,000/111,000(M)

    Current Life Meter of 17 shown members before start:
    1) Hioki567: 136/136
    2) Tekken716: 419/419
    3) Cherry516: 125/125
    4) TheRight33: 256/256
    5) Gary_The_Great: 258/258
    6) Khalifah_ArifAlqursi: 171/171
    7) Minho256: 255/255
    8) Yusuke811: 143/143
    9) Common_Sense: 192/192
    10)TomCheenJun: 386/386
    11) V_I_N_C_E_N_T: 187/187
    12) Jun_Matachi: 181/181
    13) Rich_King: 890/908
    14) TanWaiKen: 177/177
    15) Danny_Triker: 542/557
    16) Ben681: 487/514
    17) Sherly-LL: 197/215
    18) Takashi_Kun: 184/184

    PART 12

    2 June 1976, 9:15 AM

    Hioki Masashi has joined the clan since 11 February 1976. The number of players now in Kingdoms At War is 21,597. Because of the extreme panic caused in the World Chat, the crowd is now feeling hopeless. Watching at least one kawer get killed everyday drains down the hopes of other kawers even more at living in this world. Little is known about how many players out of the 21,597 that actually play since the number of players in the World Chat is getting significantly lesser, and due to the fact that players can only regenerate 5 speakers every day…

    The World Chat’s activity level has dropped significantly.

    Hioki is now well aware of this, and that the player killers are still lurking at that place. As usual, every player he sees in the chat are below 15 million combined stats. But today his strength level is still too far behind. He needs to focus on his current objective now, which is to win the Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament, without delaying while he can.

    The Haunting, Phase 2/2, Time Left: 4:15:58. The Fourth Prefecture: Clan Chat.

    Hioki567: Morning, all.
    Jun_Matachi: Morning, Hioki-san
    Hioki567: Had a great sleep last night, Matachi?
    Jun_Matachi: Yeah. I was thinking about the war.
    Hioki567: Me too. I feel like I really want to go in.

    Jun_Matachi: Hioki, you never go to school?
    Hioki567: Nope, not anymore. I withdrew from the school since 20 February 1976.
    Jun_Matachi: Oh my god, seriously??? Today’s 2 June, you know??
    Hioki567: Yes. I know.
    Jun_Matachi: Then why did you withdraw from school? It’s an important education route to your future life.
    Hioki567: Matachi, I’ll explain the whole thing to you. Okay?
    Jun_Matachi: Okay…

    Hioki567: At February 11, a strange man came to my house. Just once. He was aware of my online gaming talent skills. So then he told me how much pain the so-called kawers are going through.

    Hioki567: Watching these players die in vain…I cannot just sit there and do nothing. So then, I eventually made up my mind.

    Jun_Matachi: Hioki, I really do not understand what’s going on with you but what you did there is insane.
    Hioki567: How am I insane?
    Jun_Matachi: You withdrew your school in real life.. As if you got nothing to do but to put your entire attention to this game.
    Hioki567: I did it for a reason.
    Jun_Matachi: Okay. First of all, you do not have to do all this. You need to study for your future. If people die in this game, it’s over. Move on.
    Hioki567: You have a good point, but allow me to counter-attack your statement.

    Hioki567: If I choose to focus on school and not play Kaw actively, yes. You’re right. I will learn. But then at the same time I choose not to care about other people’s fun. If they die, of course, some people will move on. But the people who takes Kaw as their only source of fun?

    Furthermore, do you not know that there are player killers in this game? Because of their presence, this game is dying. People’s fun and enjoyment are dying.

    I choose to focus on Kaw instead of my real life education because I cannot stand seeing one by one, all their hard work, energy and time on Kaw is being thrown down the drain.

    Jun_Matachi: You’re stressing yourself out too much. It’s not going to benefit you much.
    Hioki567: True, but can you see how many people are playing this game? It used to be so much fun until the player killers came along.
    Jun_Matachi: What I can tell you is that you’re not only putting a great strain on your parents and family, but as well as your real life friends and even yourself. You withdrew school since 4 months ago and you spent all your time here in Kaw.
    Hioki567: I am doing it for a reason. I know what I am doing.
    Jun_Matachi: Seriously, I really can’t understand you. If you die in this game, not only your 4 months of effort is put to waste but also affect your real life badly.
  2. Hioki567 assassinated and won, inflicting damage to Skeletal Apparition Horde(-54)
    Hioki567 attacked and won, inflicting damage to Skeletal Apparition Horde(-97)
    Hioki567 attacked and won, inflicting damage to Skeletal Apparition Horde(-101)
    Jun_Matachi attacked and won, inflicting damage to Skeletal Apparition Horde(-75)
    Hioki567 assassinated and won, inflicting damage to Skeletal Apparition Horde(-52)
    Jun_Matachi assassinated and won, inflicting damage to Skeletal Apparition Horde(-107)
    Cherry516 attacked and lost, inflicting no damage.
    Cherry516 assassinated and won, inflicting damage to Skeletal Apparition Horde(-41)
    Hioki567 attacked and lost, inflicting no damage.

    Hioki567: Items now…

    Jun_Matachi used items and won, inflicting damage to Seal of the Dead(-32)[125x]

    Seal of the Dead has been defeated by Jun_Matachi! With the seal now broken, a gateway has been created between both worlds, allowing your entry into the isle.

    Your clan completed “The Haunting” and you have been rewarded 956,439,248 gold for your participation.

    2 June 1976, 12:00 PM

    *Clan Update*
    Your clan is selected for the Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament. You will have to choose 10 of your members to participate on Round 1, Match 3(only the owner and admins can do this). No new members are allowed to join this clan after this notification.

    *Clan Update* Your clan’s joining request is now automatically disabled. It will only be unlocked again if your clan either wins the tournament or gets eliminated after a match.

    Your clan is matched-up against Blue Thunders. The war will start in 28 hours, so prepare and assemble your clan quickly.

    Jun_Matachi: Looks like our clan is in a really bad position now.
    Tekken716: Good afternoon clan.
    Hioki567: Tekken, look at that update…
    Tekken716: Oh my god…

    Minho256: Did I miss something?
    Minho256: Oh, wow…our clan got selected for the tournament…
    Yusuke811: Look, look, look! We are one of the 32 lucky clans to be selected!
    Jun_Matachi: Yusuke, it’s the developers that chose us…we are not chosen by fate.
    Hioki567: Everyone…

    Dead silence for a moment

    Hioki567: Our clan is selected. We all now have a common goal to fulfill. Let’s do it!
    Yusuke811: Yeah!!
    Minho256: I’m with you!
    Tekken716: It’s time to organize our warring members now.

    12:15 PM

    Hioki567: All right. We have 22 members. I want to be in the first round.
    Tekken716: I’m putting myself into this too. That makes two!
    Hioki567: Put Cherry516 into our team too. I’m sure she wants to fight on the first round too. But you can edit her out just in case she doesn’t want it.
    Tekken716: That makes three. We need 7 more.
    Yusuke811: Choose me! Choose me!!
    Hioki567: Yusuke, are you serious? You’re almost too weak on combined strength here.
    Yusuke811: I may be weak, but I am really active. Plus, I am a spy build so I can easily assassinate our enemy’s troops so that you guys can break through.
    Hioki567: All right, if you say so…
    Tekken716: Added you to the war roster, Yusuke! That makes 4.

    Yusuke811: Thank you!!
    Tekken716: Gary_The_Great would be nice too. He’s near 15mcs, like me.
    Hioki567: Yeah, I agree. He’s a large player, so he can greatly help out. That makes 5 down, 5 more to go.
    Minho256: I’m going in. Tekken, put me into the list.
    Hioki567: Minho, you…
    Minho256: Hioki, we’re united together so we stay together. I’m gonna help you all the way. I don’t care if I lost. Because I believe you can save the game.
    Tekken716: 6 down, 4 more to go.

    Yusuke811: Shall we put Rich_King? He’s a large player too!
    Hioki567: We reserve this guy for later rounds. Not this one.
    Yusuke811: Why??
    Hioki567: It’s not a good idea to use an above 15mcs player so early. I suggest we will only use him at later rounds when our opponents are harder. Plus, if he’s in the war roster the player killers can easily find us out.
    Jun_Matachi: Hioki, wouldn’t the killers still can find us even though we do not use our above 15mcs players?
    Hioki567: I had a feeling that the player killers would only want to target 15mcs players and above. They will be likely lazy to look in detail if there’s no one of the ten members who are this high in cs.
    Hioki567: Plus, there are 32 clans. Since the player killers are here to watch I doubt that any clan would ever want to use a 15mcs player and above to participate.
    Minho256: I agree with you, Hioki.

    Hioki567: I call that “stealth” formation. We reserve our best players for finals or maybe even the semi-finals at least.

    Minho256: We have 6 people now. We need 4 more.
    Hioki567: Hmm…let me see…

    Hioki567: Let’s choose Takashi_Kun, TomCheenJun and Ben681.
    Minho256: Good choice..but what about Danny_Triker? He’s also good at defense stats. I bet he has a lot of life, too.
    Hioki567: Reserve him. Don’t show too much of our clan at early rounds.
    Tekken716: 1 more to go.
    Jun_Matachi: Put me in, Tekken. I’m going.

    Tekken716: All right! It’s all set!
  3. The Fourth Prefecture: War Roster

    1)Hioki567(Conqueror Class Kingdom, 1,510,200/1,257,000/50,500/50,500. Max Life: 136)
    2)Tekken716(Conqueror Class Kingdom, 7,516,400/5,712,850/1,015,000/1,015,000. Max Life: 419)
    3)Cherry516(Medical Class Kingdom, 457,500/419,200/27,100/34,000. Max Life: 125)
    4) Yusuke811(Conqueror Class Kingdom, 32,000/32,000/561,000/561,000. Max Life: 143)
    5) Gary_The_Great(Conqueror Class Kingdom, 6,215,250/5,195,500/910,000/1,025,000. Max Life: 258)
    6) Minho256(Conqueror Class Kingdom, 2,718,450/2,678,550/415,000/450,200. Max life: 255)
    7) Takashi_Kun(Monarch Class Kingdom, 917,450/875,000/111,000/111,000. Max life: 184)
    8)TomCheenJun(Defender Class Kingdom, 581,000/1,751,200/102,500/102,500. Max Life: 386)
    9)Ben681(Defender Class Kingdom, 1,572,580/4,157,000/567,000/785,000. Max Life: 514)
    10) Jun_Matachi(Conqueror Class Kingdom, 1,012,500/926,700/505,000/505,000. Max Life: 181)


    Tekken716: So we have 6 conquerors, 1 Monarch, 2 Defenders and 1 Medical class.
    Minho256: Looks like our roster is focused on attacking others.
    Hioki567: We will use more conquerors first. While I think we can reserve our stronger players for the future matches, it would be also nice to let some weaker but active players in.
    Jun_Matachi: Six conquerors…whoa!
    Hioki567: And don’t forget Matachi, with Cherry at our side she can use xtals at us, making us full troops and spies again. This means that we can smash our enemy team much more easily.
    Yusuke811: Won’t we easily get killed, on the other way since we have low life?
    Hioki567: True, Yusuke. But not if we hit our enemies first.
    Jun_Matachi: I like that idea. I better be real active during the war.
    Tekken716: Apparently I’m also the highest attack spy stat at this point.
    Hioki567: Tekken, you will use your troops to attack enemies who are low in defense. Then for your spies, use them to assassinate those with high defense stat, but extremely low in defense stat.
    Jun_Matachi: Hold on, Hioki. Wouldn’t too much assassinations would make them DTW?
    Hioki567: That’s the point. We need Tekken to keep some of our enemies pinned so that they won’t have much troops on us.
    Yusuke811: And if they have lesser troops, our weaker conqueror class kingdoms can even smash them out!
    Hioki567: Exactly, Yusuke. When they’re DTW, one of us will report it on the clan chat and then we will signal our weaker teammates to hit the DTW’d enemies that comes out of pin.

    Hioki567: TomCheenJun will be Cherry’s shield. With medics extremely vulnerable to hits, Tom would serve as a good protection given his life.
    Yusuke811: And then Cherry will be able to give us backup by using Health Crystals at us!!
    Tekken716: All set! We are all ready to go!

    Part 12 Ended

  4. Legend/Key

    Hioki567's username: Main Character
    Tekken716's username: Owner of The Fourth Prefecture
    Cherry516's color: Lead Female
    Orange: Hioki567's notifications and private messages
    Blue username: Player of a different actor.

    Next Part (13) will be released in 18 January 2015

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