Kingdoms At War: The Story (Bonus Episode 2)

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    22 March 1973 – 10:35 AM (PirateArcher’s real life)

    Note: PirateArcher was his Kingdoms At War username. His real life’s first name is Timmy.


    After getting up an early morning from his bed and finishing his breakfast, Timmy sets off to visit SolidSnake434’s house by foot. He did not switch on his PC to log in to Kingdoms At War this morning yet.

    It took him exactly thirteen minutes of walking distance to his friend’s house. His eyes glanced at the wooden entrance door. Taking a few steps forward, he approached the door and gave a soft knock.

    *Tuk tuk tuk*

    The door opened and in came SolidSnake’s grandpa. Being at his mid 70’s of age, he had a bright but aging skin, black eyes, short yellow hair. He wears a dark blue V-shaped long shirt which extended all the way to his knee, to suit the current trend of the 1970’s clothing.

    “Ah, you must be Max’s friend!” greeted the grandpa with an open gesture. “Please, come on in.”

    “Thank you, sir.” said Timmy.

    The entrance led him to the living room. The floor is plain solid grey and the walls were plain white with some black lines and dust which made it old, and barely noticeable. The room has three doors, one of it being the entrance. The second door leads to a toilet room and the third door leads to the kitchen. There is also a wooden 10-step staircase that leads to the second floor of the house. Around the area of the living room appears a small television which is a retro set, two sofas fit for one person to sit on and an oval-shaped 2-layered transparent glass table to put things on it and underneath the first top layer. The living room also has two white curtains with lots of small blue orchids as designs. Opening the curtains would reveal a window which is always open to welcome the fresh air that is coming from outside.

    Max, who is SolidSnake434 in KaW saw Timmy instantly while sitting on one of his sofas. He jumped to his feet and approach to him with a smile along with a handshake.

    “Welcome to my house, PirateArcher!” said Max as both exchanged handshakes.
    “Thanks for inviting!” replied Timmy, giving a nod in response to his greeting while returning the smile.

    Suddenly Max’s grandpa, called out to his son.

    “Max, did you ask your friend whether he had school today or not?”
    “No I did not, I’m sorry Grandpa.” replied Max instantly.
    “Oh, it’s okay!” interrupted Timmy. “I currently have a 1-week holiday break. Until next Monday.”
    “Max…You should always ask your friend next time.” replied the grandpa as he approached closer to his son, seemingly as if interrogating him. “Even though he has no school that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask. What if he really has school? Learn to do that, as it’s part of basic manners.”

    This gave Timmy a short momentarily laugh as he can perfectly tell it makes sense for Grandpa to say that to his friend. ‘Consideration’, he thought.

    “I will make note to do it, Grandpa.” Max replied, feeling a little bad. Grandpa stroked Max’s head with his right hand. “All right, now go enjoy your day with your friend!”

    “Okay!” replied Max in a cheerful voice. Then he turns back to Timmy. “Shall we go out to play, PirateArcher?”

    “Sure, but where do we play?” responded Timmy in curiousity.
    “Wait here.”

    Max began heading towards a wooden cabinet. Taking two toy guns out and some cowboy hats he gave a hat and one gun to Timmy. The gun was loaded with six plastic harmless bullets, that can only hurt a human being physically if a bullet hits the eye.

    “We will be going to a park where we can play gun fight.” Max replied with enthusiasm as he began leaving his house with Timmy following closely behind him.

    And so, they played with each other outside in the park for more than an hour. The two buddies fired plastic bullets, and while most of them missed Max took one hit. He raised his hands up to a surrendering position. On later rounds in which they picked up the plastic bullets that was fired around the area and reloaded their toy guns again, Timmy continued to score another hit. His accuracy of landing a hit was only a slim 15% however the score was 2 to 0. Finishing the last round, the two buddies rested beside a cement pipe for 5 minutes before walking themselves on the way back home.

    “You aim really good,” started Max, his facial expression as if admiring Timmy thinking of him as a mentor.

    “I was just being lucky.” Replied Timmy with a smile, “It really is fun too.”
  2. 22 March 1973 – 12:07 PM
    Max’s House: Second Floor, Max’s Room

    Timmy noticed Max began switching on his gray desktop computer. Max sat himself on a white velvet chair while offering his friend another chair a corner of his room. Timmy would then take a secondary chair to sit beside Max the two friends see a Kingdoms At War screen popping up on the computer.

    A popup screen showed: “Loading Kingdoms At War” with a loading percentage of 21% on the bottom of the screen. It took 45 seconds to fully load, and after KaW was launched it showed a screen of Max’s kingdom (Lowland view) as SolidSnake434.

    “Wow, your computer loads fast Snake!” Timmy said, calling his buddy by his kaw username. “My computer takes 2 minutes to load.”

    “Okay, check that out!” replied Max as he began tapping the epic battle button. SolidSnake434 is currently on Warbeasts with the Defenses bar being 4,357/15,000 on Phase 1. He pressed the attack button and soon enough, he landed 76 damage while gaining 153,447 gold.

    “You see!” Max said loudly in a cheerful voice, looking at Timmy as he pointed at the plunder gained. “I gained so much gold, yesterday I only get thirty thousand something!”

    ‘I can tell Max really likes this game…’ thought Timmy.

    “The Allies that you have hired helped you on your plunder. And you have also built some new stronger buildings in your lowlands, which is nice.”

    Taking a closer look on Max’s screen and making a mental note of his assets…

    “Now you should buy some supplies.” Timmy continued speaking to Max while looking at his screen, pointing to the Supplies button. “Some of those would actually be useful on epic battles.”


    Max clicked on the Supplies button. The screen showed all the possible potions or items that he could buy and sell, beginning with the Elixir of Rage that costs 5,000 gold.

    “You know how these potions work, Snake?”
    “Yeah, they work to aid my attacks on other players and the epic battle Pirate.”
    “You should buy the Mist Of Confusion and Sleeping Potion too. They’re gonna be useful in Cover of Night, To The Chamber and The Depraved.”
    “Will my damage increase as I use them to aid with my army attacks?”
    “Oh, it works with Sleeping Potion as it gives ten thousand spy attack strength bonus but not with Mist of Confusion as it’s a spy defense item. But, specifically for epic battles you have to click the button called ‘Use Items’”….

    And so the conversation went on. Timmy(PirateArcher) continued to not only guide Max(SolidSnake434) the basics, but also shared some of his KaW experiences with his friend. The chat lasted for over an hour with other topics to follow regarding the activities they had done from a week ago to now and about their daily life.

    At 5:15 PM, Timmy had left Max’s house after enjoying the rest of the hours with his friend. He would return to his own house at 5:37 PM.

    He would later then log in to Kingdoms At War on his own desktop computer.
  3. 22 March 1973 – 7:34 PM
    Friendshome Epic Battle: Forreign Territories
    Phase 1/1, Time Left 03:48:31

    Your clan completed ‘Foreign Territories’.

    The Clan Chat

    Peckerammer: Nice kill Ryan
    Flemingdragonball: anyone wants to vote for next epic battle?
    Shino123: Reckoning
    Peckerammer: yeah reckoning would be nice
    PirateArcher: Anything will do, sir.
    Flemingdragonball: ok

    The Epic Battle “The Reckoning” has been initiated by Flemingdragonball and will start in 15 minutes.

    Shino123: hi PirateArcher
    PirateArcher: Hello Shino.
    Keima705: Any plans for our clan next week?
    Flemingdragonball: No Keima. Just the same old schedule for now. Plus, there hasn’t been a new update in this game for months now.

    2 minutes later…

    MichikoTanaka: Me want an update! Me cannot wait!!
    Shino123: you’re not the only one waiting Michiko :lol:
    MichikoTanaka: yah…so sad…


    That’s right, now I remembered. There hasn’t been a new update in Kingdoms At War for over 3 months. I wonder if the game’s going to continue like this. PirateArcher thought.


    The World Chat

    SilentShooter884: Fast reckoning here, all stats welcome (1 minute ago)
    WonderfulBatter: new player here can someone guide me through this game (1 minute ago)
    Mugen005: Bored…anyone wanna chat? (58 seconds ago)
    Daichi141: warbeasts here (57 seconds ago)
    RedTanker17: hi world (55 seconds ago.)


    Something has felt that the air of World Chat has changed completely. The chat was in complete silence for 1 minute upon seeing a red player. PirateArcher proceeds to look at RedTanker17’s profile:

    RedTanker17, Conquerer Class Kingdom
    Status Message: Come at me players, I’ll take you all.
    Hire Value: 145,985,332,459. Owner: Sniper373
    Clan: Warbeast Area 1
    Latest Achievements: Loyalty (Level 5), Slayer (Level 1), Scout (Level 3), Thief (Level 5), Assassin (Level 5)
    Equipment: Hooves Of Destruction

    Attack Stat: 157,350
    Defense Stat: 132,335
    Spy Attack Stat: 77,530
    Spy Defense Stat: 77,530

    Quests Completed: 47
    Battles Won/Lost: 14,324/185
    Players Killed: 50

    Active Spells: Killer Red


    The World Chat (47,323 players online)

    SilentShooter884: It’s a player killer!
    Vin3736: RedTanker17, YOU ARE DEAD!
    Mugen005: Wait, what do you mean by player killer
    Vin3736: This person just killed fifty people in the game. I’d say we all kill him.
    Manyourround14: EVERYONE ATTACK TANKER NOW!!
    WonderfulBatter: Wow…..even I feel like I want to attack him with troops too :mad:
    Bjorn134: What on earth is going on??
    MarkBlue: We have a threat in the world chat, guys. Watch out, watch out, we got a killer.


    Upon RedTanker17 posting in the world chat, in 1 minute he has 476 players browsing his profile at the same time, all of which they want to attack him using troops to zero his life. 8 of the 476 players who tapped the attack button first managed to do damage until...

    …1 minute later.


    **UPDATE**: RedTanker17 has been killed and this player is now no longer valid in this game.

    Vin3736: Red Tanker is dead. YES!
    SilentShooter884: I landed one troop attack on him, but I didn’t land the last hit. Did 18 damage to his life too.
    Peckerammer: Could someone tell me what is going on?
    Cowboy123: A player just got killed and is now deceased in game, Peckerammer.
    Peckerammer: So…that means…
    Cowboy123: RedTanker17 no longer exists.
    Manyourround14: Serves him right. I am very glad this player is gone now. Tanker’s dead for rights.
    SilentShooter884: EVERYONE LISTEN UP!
    Vin3736: Let’s celebrate the death of RedTanker17.
    Mugen005: Umm…Clear.
    Keima705: Got it sir.
    Manyourround14: And make sure no red players stay alive. Tell medical class players NOT to revive or heal them either.

    Private message between PirateArcher and RP_IAmAPirate_RP

    RP_IAmAPirate_RP: PirateArcher, did you see what just happened?
    RP_IAmAPirate_RP: Look at the world chat
    PirateArcher: I saw, sir.
    RP_IAmAPirate_RP: Everyone has lost their mood now. Better don’t post in the world chat for a while.
    PirateArcher: Aye, aye sir.

    I don’t understand…What all of it just happened. There’s a red player appearing in the world chat and suddenly he got killed.
    Either way, my owner’s right. Nobody is happy right now...

  4. Legend/Key

    PirateArcher’s color: Main Character
    RP_IamAPirate_RP’s username: Owner of Rising Pirates
    Orange: PirateArcher’s notifications
    Yellow username: Players who are members of a different clan that PirateArcher joins.
    Red Username: Identifies a player as ‘player killer’ or a player who has the ‘Killer Red’ spell.

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