Kingdoms At War: The Story (Bonus Episode 1)

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    This is a prequel of Kingdoms At War: The Story. While this has no direct connection with the main story, it is a random bonus episode made to help myself as the writer, to enjoy the good old days of writing my old story since 2014-2015. Hope you enjoy. 
    Sort by: Username(Banner Class): Troop ATK stat/Troop DEF stat/Spy ATK stat/Spy DEF stat (Gender, max life of player)

    Welson33(Conquerer Class Kingdom): 127,400/127,400/24,300/24,300 (M, Max Life: 124)
    RP_IamAPirate_RP(M, Defender Class Kingdom): 1,343,480/2,745,700/883,980/2,335,480 (Max Life: 550)
    PirateArcher (Conquerer Class Kingdom): 885,300/804,300/84,500/84,500 (M, Max Life: 145)
    JamesTheGreat (Conquerer Class Kingdom): 565,400/547,480/124,000/124,000 (M, Max Life: 133
    tHeLauNcHInG-MisSiLE (Medical Class Kingdom): 1,250/1,250/263/263 (M, Max Life: 100)
    D3de(Conquerer Class Kingdom): 1,485,300/1,485,300/787,000/787,000 (M, Max Life: 206)

    21 March 1973- 6:35 PM
    Clan Name: Rising Pirates.
    To The Chamber: Phase 1/2. Time Left: 07:11:53

    Soldier Coordination: 56353/72000
    Foot Soldiers: 47900/72000
    Treasures: 100%

    PirateArcher attacked and won, inflicting damage to Foot Soldiers (-134)
    PirateArcher attacked and won, inflicting damage to Foot Soldiers (-129)
    RP_IamAPirate_RP attacked and won, inflicting damage to Foot Soldiers (-255)
    PirateArcher assassinated and won, inflicting damage to Foot Soldiers (-105)
    PirateArcher assassinated and won, inflicting damage to Foot Soldiers (-97)
    RP_IamAPirate_RP assassinated and won, inflicting damage to Foot Soldiers (-145)
    JamesTheGreat used items and won, inflicting damage to Soldier Coordination (-104)

    Rising Pirates Clan Chat

    RP_IamAPirate_RP: Come on guys, let’s hit this epic battle (1 hour ago)
    tHeLauNcHInG-MisSiLE: Aye aye sir, I have some Health Crystals loaded for those who needs it!(Just now)

    Private message between PirateArcher and RP_IamAPirate_RP

    RP_IamAPirate_RP: Yo Pirate, how are you doing?
    PirateArcher: I’m doing good, thank you sir. 
    RP_IamAPirate_RP: Me too. I have noticed that your kingdom has constantly grown in strength over the past week. Nice progress, I call it.
    PirateArcher: Thanks, I guess I am active enough to meet your clan requirements this time!
    RP_IamAPirate_RP: Indeed.

    A minute later…

    PirateArcher: Owner, if you don’t mind me asking. Can I take a temporary leave from your clan to visit other clans?
    RP_IamAPirate_RP: Sure, but please do remember to come back to this clan by 3 days. That way you’ll retain yourself as a perm member as per my decision.
    PirateArcher: All right, thank you very much kind sir! I will make sure to come back within the allotted time given.

    PirateArcher’s thoughts outside the game now

    My name is PirateArcher. I am a Conquerer Class player who have joined Kingdoms At War since last year in 1972. I became a permanent member of Rising Pirates since February 1973. I am an attack build focused on troop attack-based buildings in my goal that I will do more damage to epic battles. I have 4 friends in this game, which is only a handful. One of them includes my clan owner, RP_IamAPirate_RP for inviting me to a clan which I call home.

    As soon as I get into this clan I began to learn from other clan members including him about how clanmates work together, how to be stronger and communicate one another. Most importantly, how to guard my life. I know that once my Life reaches 0 (by troop attacks), I die and so I will get deleted permanently on my account….in which I don’t want that to ever happen.

    PirateArcher’s screen of view

    Soldiers: 8,748/17500
    Spies: 16,644/31500
    Life: 145/145

    Gold: 156,323,227

    Kingdom: 25 built lowlands and 7 built highlands.
    Castle Level: 2
    Clan: Rising Pirates (Member)
    Allies: 4
    Supplies: 14547
    Mithrils: 2
    Mage: Not Unlocked
    Health Crystals: 22

    PirateArcher, Conquerer Class Kingdom
    Status Message: I am PirateArcher. I live to serve for Rising Pirates.
    Hire Value: 225,754,321,409. Owner: Gabriel37
    Clan: Rising Pirates
    Latest Achievements: Loyalty (Level 5), Slayer (Level 1), Scout (Level 3), Thief (Level 4), Call to Arms (Level 1).

    Quests Completed: 276
    Attack Offenses Won/Lost: 10,343/124
    Defenses Won/Lost: 24/22
    Scout Offenses Won/Lost: 3,834/11
    Scout Defenses Won/Lost: 1/7
    Steal Offenses Won/Lost: 335/8
    Steal Defenses Won/Lost: 1/6
    Assassinate Offenses Won/Lost: 7,643/12
    Assassinate Defenses Won/Lost: 0/4
    Players Killed: 1

    Hooves Of Destruction (+700,000 attack strength)
    Hystridicae Helmet (+270,000 spy atk/spy def strength)

  2. 21 March 1973- 6:47 PM
    Rising Pirates Clan Chat

    RP_IamAPirate_RP: Report in, pirates!
    JamesTheGreat: Active now, sir!
    D3de: I’m active too
    tHeLauNcHInG-MisSiLE: Medic here 

    A minute later…

    D3de: Another peaceful day as always.
    JamesTheGreat: I see some of our other members hitting 

    JamesTheGreat: So how much gold do you earn per day? From hitting back to back Tier 1 Calydor ebs?
    RP_IamAPirate_RP: About 4 billion here
    JamesTheGreat: 3.2 billion for me
    D3de: 4 billion too
    RP_IamAPirate_RP: Wow, same as mine. You’re just as strong as me d3de!
    D3de: Haha thanks owner 
    D3de: Where’s PirateArcher by the way?
    RP_IamAPirate_RP: He will be leaving our clan soon to visit other clans. Not now yet.
    JamesTheGreat: I still hadn’t got the hooves equipment yet!
    RP_IamAPirate_RP: Then we shall do The Reckoning next. What do you say, guys?
    JamesTheGreat: Sounds great!
    D3de: I’m up for it too
    tHeLauNcHInG-MisSiLE: Aye aye sir 

    Private message between PirateArcher and RP_IamAPirate_RP

    PirateArcher: Sir, can I request for your protection in case someone attacks me?
    RP_IamAPirate_RP: All right. Just make sure you’re not attacking anyone else first.
    PirateArcher: Noted.

    You are now protected by RP_IamAPirate_RP. Any troop attacks actions on you will be taken by this player instead.

    PirateArcher: Thank you, Owner.
    RP_IamAPirate_RP: Welcome. 

    21 March 1973- 7:37 PM

    PirateArcher receives a notification of an epic battle notice.

    You’ve battled through the guard house. Direct your army to the keep and steal the remaining keys.

    The World Chat: 52,716 players online

    Cowboy123: any Reckoning? Attack build here
    RP_IamAPirate_RP: Rising Pirates clan recruiting, all players welcome
    SniperCamper: Origins running now come fast, limited slots left
    AkhikoKanbara: Konbanwa everyone ^^
    IesadaBlue: konbanwa akhiko and all
    Orochi754834: Is this game all about hitting epic battles and growing to be the strongest kingdom?
    LeftKiller: yeah it is
    ShojiMatsuda: I am 8 mcs!
    SniperCamper: Nice build Shoji, you went all troop defense buildings.
    ShojiMatsuda: ^it’s the best build ever I’ve found
    AkhikoKanbara: need someone to chat…I’m bored.
    SniperCamper: haha yeah
    Kanata476: me akhiko

    Private message between PirateArcher and SolidSnake434, one of the players PirateArcher referred to the game.

    SolidSnake434: Yo Pirate, are you around?
    PirateArcher: Yes I’m here Snake
    SolidSnake434: I’ve been trying to get more plunder first by purchasing new buildings. Somehow my plunder is just so little, it’s only 40k. And my next upgrade costs 1.5 million gold.
    SolidSnake434: Did I miss something?

    PirateArcher checks SolidSnake434’s profile…

    PirateArcher: You need allies Snake :)
    SolidSnake434: I completely missed that, thank you.
    PirateArcher: No problem my friend. Grow your kingdom stronger soon!
    SolidSnake434: Oh yeah, I heard from one of my radios in my home that there’s a new game that’s going to be released. It’s called ‘Gun Fight.’
    PirateArcher: Sounds interesting, tell me more about it. 
    SolidSnake434: It is a game where two cowboys go for a duel with each other. They have some bullets to shoot at each other. It’s an arcade 2-player game.
    PirateArcher: And that’s it?
    SolidSnake434: Yeah but come on! It’s going to be exciting, I can’t wait for the release!
    PirateArcher: Well, that’s good for you buddy! I’m happy to hear that. :D
    SolidSnake434: Yes, it is.
    SolidSnake434: Pirate, could you come to visit my house tomorrow? My grandparents are extending an invite to you, and you can spend time with me again!
    PirateArcher: That’s nice, but how long would I stay there?
    SolidSnake434: From tomorrow morning onwards until evening Pirate!

    ‘Hmm…Not longer than 3 days of stay, as long as I can get back to my house and play Kingdoms At War with my PC, then I shall go.’ PirateArcher thought.

    PirateArcher: Sure! I’ll be visiting your house tomorrow Snake
    SolidSnake434: Thank you! You’re always my close friend!
    SolidSnake434: I gotta go out for dinner now, see you tomorrow. 
    PirateArcher: Take care Snake 

    PirateArcher leaves Rising Pirates and applies to join ‘Friendshome’

    You are accepted into the clan ‘Friendshome’.

    Friendshome Clan Chat

    Flemingdragonball: till that day where this guy comes and I’m like AHHH!
    Keima705: and then?
    Flemingdragonball: I told him that he scared me with his Halloween ghost mask on
    Flemingdragonball: he was shocked
    Flemingdragonball: but that’s one of my memories with him ^^
    Keima705: oh I see, good for you then :)
    Shino123: welcome PirateArcher
    PirateArcher: Thanks admins :)
    Keima705: nice build pirate, I think you can hit our epic battle with no issues.
    PirateArcher: Definitely!

    Friendshome Epic Battle:
    The Forgotten Ones. Phase 1/1, Time Left: 4:37:59

    ‘I can definitely hit this epic battle.’ PirateArcher thought as he presses the attack button and uses troops on his next action.

    Total gold won: 8,343,567
    Plunder: 1,812,340
    Allies Bonus: 6,531,227
    Soldiers Lost: 735
    Impact on Target: Devicitus The Saviour (-177)

    And he unloaded his entire army. Surely enough, other members also hit with him at the same time. He delivered the final blow.

    Mrymidons has been defeated by PirateArcher! Defeated at last, the Mrymidons came back to their senses, grateful to you for breaking them free. With Z’uthmerak’s threat still looming, it seems you have a common score to settle.

    Your clan completed ‘The Forgotten Ones’ and you have been rewarded 72,319,407 gold for your participation!

    Friendshome Clan Chat

    Keima705: Nice hit PirateArcher :)
    PirateArcher: Thank you sir
    Choji771: Welcome to Friendshome PirateArcher. I saw your name on my newsfeed and I knew you are new here.
    Choji771: Enjoy your stay.

  3. Legend/Key

    PirateArcher’s color: Main Character
    RP_IamAPirate_RP’s username: Owner of Rising Pirates
    Orange: PirateArcher’s notifications
    Yellow username: Players who are members of a different clan that PirateArcher joins.

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