Kingdoms at War FAQ.

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  1. Opening can be done by:
    -Just having money out so people can hit you
    -Sell the lowest value attack potions one at a time while people hit you... This is the most efficient method...

    The best way to open is to post OPEN in Clan or World chat
  2. What does volly mean
  3. What is an osf and how do I get further in this game I'm kinda stalled and can't do much
  4. Volley means when two or more people keep hiring the same person to a selected point
  5. Volley means when two or more people keep hiring the same person to a selected point
  6. U should add a kaw dictionary
  7. Does anyone know what the ratios for the Overall LB are? I know the order, but not the exact percentages, thanks!
  8. I have two questions.

    Is it possible to refer people on the computer version of KaW?

    5s it possible to log out of my KaW account on the iPhone? Say, if my brother wants to use the iPhone version of KaW on my phone, how do i log out of my account so my brother can log in to his?
  9. No you can't refer people on the computer version

    No, your KaW account is linked to your UDID. sorry.
  10. Lev2 lev3 SOS which one gives us more plunder? Btw, any kaw-admins could post more details about different plunder with different buildings? If post the formula would be greatî„…
  11. again, in this game Kingdoms at War, we don't give you stuff on a silver platter.
    this means: no constant source of income
    devs never reveal mechanics about the game.

  12. What are Plunder War clans????
  13. Thath are clans made only for Plunder Wars. Plunder Wars are wars, where in one side, there are atackers, and spyes on the other side with no defense items, s o they make loads of $ per a hit on those spys, and make LOADS of plunder. thats why they are called plunder wars
  14. Excuse me,
    In your guide it says under Speakers that you will get 5 speakers the next day at your last post time.Explain what this means please.

    Yours truly loved,
  15. Hi guys, I was wondering, how do you work out your combined attack and defence stat number? My username is foyze :) if somebody could look at my stats and tell me my combined attack and defence score that would be much appreciated :D
  16. you get 5 speakers a day if on an iDevice
    you can see combined stats on your profile page: your bonus to allies. manually add your stats together
  17. How does one go PRO~ :?: :?: I See That On Many Banners~
  18. I think FAQ is a cool abbreviation to bypassing the forum/wc filter
  19. Are we allowed to have one alternate account, such as one on an iPod and one on a pc? And if we can, could the devs please let us make an account without facebook or any other thing? I won't check back to this so pls wall me