Kingdoms at War FAQ.

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  1. Pinning is attacking, assasinating, or anything that reduces troop/spy count to a low enough percent that the player being attacked is "too weak" and cannot be attacked or spied further until they regenerate enough troops/spies.
  2. Hi. Thx for all the answers! So helpful- I had no idea what those speakers were.

    So what are these CODES I hear about:
    "put in my Code" "thanks for using my Code" etc.
  3. Those are refferal codes. Computers don't have one and can't enter one. If your code is entered you get 1 nobility and 1 health crystal.
  4. If you see 'put in my code' or 'code on my wall' etc, report name and what on feedback from HOME.
    Posting or pointing to referral codes ingame is illegal.
  5. Wat is a plunder??? Oso shd I get allies with gd stats or bad ones?
  6. What is the best and fastest way to get nobility points without buying them????
  7. buy propacks or do quests
  8. If u get ur coded refered it's pretty fast
  9. add WXBLPNCUO
  10. give back points to pollyanna ans 24dude ur a cheat :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  11. I no this is dumass question but what is volleying and how do u do it?
  12. Vollying is when two or more people constantly buy an ally back and forth between them. This transfers $ (at a max of 1mil per hire) to the person being bought. Very useful for noobs seeking cash. Can also be used to transfer $ from one player to another, but that's not something you'll need to know for awhile.
  13. No prob
  14. huh?
    how do you get speakers??
    don't get by what you mean. :?
  15. How to grow .. The only topic not found or talked about, no where in KAW ! Plz answer. Tx
  16. Wider? Try donuts, potato chips and McDonalds....
  17. If someone is troop pinned can they still be spy attacked? And if someone is spy pinned can they be troop attacked or once pinned that's it?
  18. Yes, they can.