Kingdoms at War FAQ.

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  1. Allright, that makes sence, thank you very much!
  2. Is there a maximum number of speakers you can have?
  3. Nevermind just found the thread on it
  4. What's a speaker item I need unordered to chat?
  5. A speaker is an item solely for chatting in world chat.
    You can trade nobility points for them in the store.
    If you are not on a PC account you get 5 daily unless you are above or equal to 25 speakers
  6. Is there any way to decrease the difficulty of quests? Does your attack level or amount of soldiers change the difficulty of a quest?
  7. Number of troops determines difficulty of quests from easy to extremely difficult. Mastering quests opens new quests up.
  8. Who can attack/spy me?
    Other games there are limits to protect weaker players, but I haven't read it here. Thx
  9. Anyone within your stat bracket.
    If not they will recieve a too weak error like if you were low on troops. A way to test this is to scout your target. It will not let you if they are outside your range.
    There is also a too strong error for this
  10. 1) Can pure spies (having no troops with 0 att and 0 def) still be attacked? I was under the impression that attackers would get "too weak to attack" message but I got attacked after eliminating my troop buildings.

    2) What's the deal with shitty kingdoms showing up when you use the search for allies function but I know there are much better kingdoms for the same price elsewhere?

    3) And has the name change question been thoroughly resolved? The first one is definitely not free, I tried. Is it 20 nobility pts or must you reset?

  11. #1 If you have cash out you will be hit
    #2 allies of bad stats are bought to increase plunder but still be able to hit thief farms for inactives or it was a volley for a friend, just keep tabbing over til you find good ones
    #3 yes 20nobles or reset last I checked

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  12. Thanks for the info.
    A general question about clans: What's the incentive for someone to join? Is it just that you have people to turn to if you get farmed or is there a assumed volley coming if you join?
  13. Some clans volley, but only expect that as a perk. If you suddenly owned a clan do you have enough to volley all newcomers to 100mil+? Would need a partner and what's to stop them leaving post-volley?
    A Close Community of Helpful Players Who-
    Help Protect Each Other
    Run Clan Events Such As Scrims,Wars,Tournaments,Hunts, Lotteries,Etc.
    An Engaging Clan Chat
    Offer Advice and Help For New Players
    Can Offer Clan Farms
    You Get Non-Clan People Avoiding You If They Are Smart Based on Above
    You Get A Title

    Those are the general benefits..

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  14. That's a good point about what keeps members after getting vollied. Once a member of a clan, can you remove yourself or is that done by a clan admin? Can people be members of multiple clans at the same time?
  15. You can always leave your clan from the clan page.
    You cannot be a part of multiple clans, however if you are influential enough and/or on good terms with both clans they may let you move between the two as needed.
  16. Is there a level, like say 20 billion, at which farmers disappear? I would guess that once you've played the game that long you've adopted the morals of not farming or is that not the case?
  17. The stronger you get the less and less players you have to fight as well as less inactives.
    Most of the Highe Stat Players are in clans and those arn't in clans know better than to farm at this level most of the time.
    These people will still farm but usually off of carefully hunted inactives or clan / alt farms to make money. Your price doesn't affect this merely your stats. If you have 200billion in allies you would be darn near untouchable but you would still have to fend off hits from those who want to test against you as well as attempted strips and just holding on to allies.
    Some people at high stats just join a farming clan or a war clan and declare war if they have no farms themselves.
    Others steal to farm anonymously
    Some Quest and Trade Allies
    Some Hit the Public OSF and Get Money From Being an ASF to Them
  18. Do users ever get canceled for inactivity (and maybe free up some usernames)?
    What's the level someone should be before staring their own clan?
    And this is probably the wrong place to ask this but I've gotten such useful and immediate feedback, I'll ask anyway, is there a Lord of the Rings LOTR clan?
  19. Inactives are regurlarly deleted but not immediately since people may be on vacation etc.
    I do not know if there is a LOTR clan please check the official clans thread and alliances thread.
    As for quick and immediate responses, I made that Beginner FAQ way back when that earned the first sticky in the Strategies section. :D