Kingdoms at War FAQ.

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  1. does reset count as first name change?
  2. Wat can we do after we have bought all the land?
  3. Well you can reset and the devs will give you a special item for your completion. And depending on how many completions u have done then reset, the devs will give you another item.
  4. There's a thread about it I'll bump
  5. Acctually it's in the news area of forums. BONUSES FOR LAND COMPLETIONS.
  6. Is it possible to have more then 1 health crystal at a time from quests
  7. Thanks. It helped.
  8. Bump for CID 
  9. How can I get my attack and defence allies stats up?
  10. You can't raise your allies' stats up. They must do it themselves.
  11. Way late, but why didn't you post the extra FAQ data in the beginer FAQ I had up? Just curious.
  12. Didn't see it and yes, way late. =/
  13. Okay but how can I help my allies attack and defenc stuff to go up? If they raise by themselves how?
  14. If Minifranger is reading this, the plunder bonus is actually MAX plunder bonus. It shows the maximum gold you get from allies.
  15. Also, where is the place you type in the refferal?
  16. @nightsz, the tab Recruit Friends in the home page
  17. What do you mean about getting 5 speakers 24 hours after your last post? That part confused me a little.
  18. You get 5 speakers if not using a comp account daily if you have 24 speakers or less.
  19. Hi, I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I can find it anywhere.
    How do I figure out my stats that OTHER people see? I mean, if other people were to hire me, what stats would they see?
    When I go to view my own profile, it shows my stats as 990,000 Attack, 1,050,000 Defense etc..
    These are higher values then what I see when looking at the leader score board, so quite cleary those are not correct. How then do I calculate my correct values?
  20. Scroll down a bt more down on your profile. It will say bonus to allies that is wat ppl see which is ur regular strength divided by 50