Kingdoms at War FAQ.

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  2. Could you put

    Q how do I get pro on my flag

    A you must buy a pro pack for real money.

    I have seen many people ask this lately
  3. When clans ask for minimum stats (x number of k's), which part of the stats are they refering to? Attack / defensive strength, both combined, max plunder or what exactly?
  4. they should normally explain in their ad. ask them if they dont :lol:
  5. If I have 1000000 att stats how much should I spend on allies
  6. @PK

    You're such a pwar noob. You haven't even been playing for 30 days and you already have over 2mil combined stats 
  7. How many lands in total are there??
  8. Great tips. Thanks a million
  9. good guide it looks fine, needs a little BBC colore in it tho, and some added questions :)
  10. wait you get speakers for posting on the forums?!??