Kingdoms at War FAQ.

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  1. This causes much confusion. This will clear it up.
    Defensive Troop buildings
    Best plunder of any attack building.
    Barracks, War Cathedrals, Summoning Circles, Titans Lairs

    All Defensive Buildings
    Towers/Fortresses, Spy Defense Towers/Fortresses
    No Troops = NO PLUNDER AT ALL
    Archer Tower, Cannon Tower, Lightning Tower, Spiked Fortress, Elemental Tower, Temple of Reckoning
    Scout Tower, Garrisoned Tower, All-Seeing Eye, Eye of Light, Fortress of Truth, Tower of Light, Temple of Clarity
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  6. ๎–this is a great guide thanks this helps me a lot
  7. When does volley get personal and the other player decide to hire all allies in an hour?
  8. I am not completely positive what you are talking about, but I think you are talking about striping someone of their allies. People usually strip you of your allies as a punishment or in a war.
  9. What's your opinion on the castle code
  10. They castle code does not exist and do not believe anyone who says it does. If someone says that it does write down their name and consider reporting what they did to a moderator. A one time offense will not get them banned, but after doing it once the developers will be watching them. Swabia was banned for this.
  11. This may be a dumb question but how do I use health crystal?
  12. Got to the oracle and click the third button from the top
  13. Yes 15 nobility at the oracle
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  17. How can I request to ban or silence someone?