Kingdoms at War FAQ.

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  1. Do u have to clear new lands to do the resets now?
  2. You don't have to be lc to reset, although it is recommended.
  3. how do u get nobilitiy
    what is most expencive land

    apart from those thats brill
  4. Nobility is earned from quests or can be purchased from the oracle
  5. I saw this question come up a little earlier but no real answer was given. What buildings give best plunder? I read defensive buildings are not good for plunder, so attackers? Some adviced me to buildt guilds ect. Any advice? Thank you in advance 
  6. Defensive buildings such as titans ( can't remember the name of the t2 or t3 defensive buildings) give best plunder. The balanced buildings give a little less plunder than defense buildings but they do give you extra hits. And yes, guilds are very good for boosting plunder.
  7. Hmmm the help tab under buildings tell defensive buildings dont help bring in the gold tho? Thank you tho for your fast response  about allies, earlier in this thread, someone told your allies should be atleast 10percent of your current stats? If i have 900k stat and about 8 bill invested in allies, what 10 percent does he mean? Of their combined stats or their max plunder?
  8. Umm I got a question: IT WONT LET ME RESET MY ACC!!!! it says resetting my acc is disabled. How do I make it not disabled?
  9. If you cannot reset, it means that your account has been flagged for suspicious activity . Email the devs to correct this problem.
  10. Ty for u help:)
  11. Good guide fir the new guys
  12. Great guide. Know how to be an oaf? I need help
  13. What does the color of the flags mean? I've seen green, blue, red, etc. Also i have 2 skulls and swords-while others have a helmet-what does that mean?
  14. A question if i may. When someone has spied on me sometimes I see their name and sometimes I don't. What makes the difference?
  15. If they successfully spy on you, you can't see them. If they fail, you know who they are. Just like police don't know the identity of robbers unless they're caught.
  16. Can you post a more detailed definition of farming?
  17. Thank you!! This helped a lot :-$
  18. [​IMG]
    Q: What Banner Type should I choose?
    A: The game has advanced to a point where the differences are so minor that you should pick the one you think is the best looking and fits your personality.
  19. Farming is considered attacking/spying an opponent (Successful or not) more than 5 times in a 24 hour period outside of a War. If you are involved in a war then "farming" is, of course, expected and encouraged.
    Some consider 5 times farming but they are few and far between. If you "Farm" someone you are not at war with you are not breaking any rules but expect the opponent to farm back and maybe get many buddies to help.
  20. 2 version OAF

    Old style = All Troop no spy buildings. With 0 Spy defense there is almost no chance of someone failing to spy on you. As long as your attack troops are kept over 20% and you have gold out people can steal from you. This build was popular because the OAF can simply burn 80% troops attacking an OSF to restock the gold out to be stolen.

    New Style = OSF build OAF = All Spy Troops. The OSF Burns ALL his spy troops so he has 0 left. Even with a high spy defense with 0 troops the opponents will succeed. Every 5 minutes you will regen but the steals will re-pin your spies to 0. Also, with 0 Attack Troops the gold lost per hit is substantially lower than with a troop OAF. However, you have no troops to restock the gold and will have to sell allies or drop potions to restock gold. The major benefit is being able to use the same account to OSF or OAF as needed.