Kingdoms at War FAQ.

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  1. These are commonly asked questions about the game, and answers. If I miss anything I will personally update it, and I hope this is actually listened to. Do NOT POST HERE


    Q. What's the difference in buildings?

    A. Buildings are divided into Defensive, Attack, and Mixed. They follow by tiers. Tier one being the cheapest, and Tier three the most expensive.

    Q. What's the difference, besides price?

    A. Higher tiers give better bonuses. (This also explains the price difference.)

    Q. What about Guilds?

    A. Technically Guilds are in their own specific tier. They raise Spy and nothing else. They are also costly to upgrade.

    Q. What's better, Towers, Barracks, or Guilds?

    A. Towers give the highest defense bonus, but no troop production, so this depends on your build.


    Q. What's the point of quests?

    A. Quests give a small, or large, sum of gold and the occasional nobility point.

    Q. Is it better than spying?

    A. Spying gives more gold, but no nobility. This again depends on your build.


    Q. What's a clan?

    A. Clans are groups of players on KaW who've devised an alliance with one another.

    Q. How do I join?

    A. Some take by invite. Others by stats. Some will take you just for asking. Never be upset if denied entry though, just try another clan.


    Q. What's the point of having allies?

    A. Allies give a small bonus which may help in a fight.

    Q. People keep buying my allies. What do I do?

    A. Buy them back, use the received payment for an upgrade or items, or buy a new ally. Don't let losing an ally discourage you!


    Q. How do I reset?

    A. At the bottom if your profile. Simply hit the reset button.

    Q. What happens to my nobility and permanent items?

    A. You keep them. All you lose are your buildings, gold, and your flag item.

    Q. Will my forum posts disappear?

    A. No, they will just carry your new name. Or, if your name hasn't changed, stay the same.

    Q. What are farmers?

    A. Farmers are players who attack and/or spy multiple times for profit. Or in some cases, harassment.

    Q. How do I stop a farmer?

    A. Tell another member, or stock on defensive items.

    Q. How do I not lose gold?

    A. You must "bank" it. By buying allies, exploring land, upgrades, spending it in any possible way.

    Q. How do I get speakers?

    A. You will receive 5 speakers the next day at the time of your last post. Ally chat costs no speakers.

    I think this should be enough, I hope my contribution has helped you. Have fun!
  2. Great guide.. I'd ask DEVs to give you ability to edit thread and make titles more easier, eg  Title 

    Not sure if I missed it but, opening paragraph saying things you'll cover in the guide; eg
    • Buildings
    • quest
    • farming


    Anyways good guide.. Just a bit plain with no emoji and color 
  3. Good guide, great for newbies 
  4. Meh. 6/10. Good start.
  5. Hello, I have a question :
    - Actually, I have 250 allies and my allie bonus attack is about 100 000. With my stats (93 000 attack) I have 200 000 attack right ? So why I keep loosing against people with 80 000 defense ?
  6. @minifranger actually u dont have 80.000 attack u have more like 3.000.000 attack (home button - my profile) the 80.000 attack u are referring to is the bonus u give to ur allies.
    So if u have 250 allies giving 100k attack its only like 3.3% more attack as that u allready have. The persons u are attacking probably have better allies and use items.. Normally u should have like 10% or more in ally bonusses as ur current stats.
    U should think about getting better allies.
  7. Can you change your name w/o resetting?
  8. I heard somewhere u can post a feedback for changing
    ur name but it costs nobility points 20 i believe not sure
  9. I heard somewhere u can post a feedback for changing
    ur name but it costs nobility points 20 i believe not sure
  10. When dropping an ally, how much money do you lose from the initial hire cost by %?
  11. Thanks Mesias, I understand better now. But does it mean that if I want to double my attack with allies I will have to get an ally attack bonus close to 3.000.000 ? 
  12. Covering all your questions.

    When dropping an allies you receive 70% of the price of which u BOUGHT it, not the price after u bought.

    Allies bonuses are 2% or 0.02 of what they show. For example, 100k allies attack would only be 2k bonus to me.

    Forgot third q, one sec.
  13. Name changes:

    The first name change is free, just ask feedback.
    Second and so on name changes are 20nobility, ask feedback.
  14. Actually Mesias I had to pay 20 nobility pts. to change my name from KalihiShadowKnight to ShadowKAN and it wasn't free. I still had to spend 20 nobility but, they were quick with changing it which was cool
  15. I have an other question :
    - My only allie have a plunder bonus of 180 000. But when I attack someone, It says that my allie plunder is 87 000. I don't understand
  16. Whats the formula for plunder bonus?
  17. Thx for the helpful guide
  18. How much money do u get when someone buys ur allies?