Kingdoms at War: 2nd Anniversary All-Star War - 2011

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  1. Thank you guys for supporting us all and yes were all winners and we have not has sleep but one side will win
  2. Well after a 20 hour stint in the first ASW I was buggered I even called in sick today being Monday and my 2nd week at a new job to be active in this final ASW for 2011!!!
    It's nuts cc is Like WC only no dam adds very hard to war with 200 it's crazy scrolling through on the iPhone, lol and the process to find numbers is hard on the iPhone too but other than that it's kinda fair only 3 crystals are able to be used in this final!!! (dam it) outside hits are very few and far between stripping of allies not yet....... Alot of non hitting clan mates on other side kinda sucks but very respectful so that's all from me 10hours to go they (TEAM WRATH) are leading still we are slowly catching up ib15 with the inside info :)
  3. Looks like a good final to ASW. Great job to both teams and their efforts. Support to all fighters in this years finals.

     Dreg 
  4. Can we have our achievement badges please? Thank u 
  5. Good war. Many individual sacrificed time and sleep to make it awesome  Thankfully its only for 24hrs. It's really great that cc is buzzing the entire time. Shows the commitment of many KAW players to this game  Grats all who participated in the ASW to make it awesome. You are all stars in your own rights.
    For those who didn't get a chance, there's always next year to build up 
  6. People of WRATH, we've fought vigorously against the best and amongst the best, we stand proud beside the people who have given a hard battle LUST, ENVY and PRIDE. WRATH has risen up victorious! Never will we forget bloodshed given on the battlefield! Never will we forget the sacrifices! We return triumphal to our respectable clans, but not without forgetting that we were - WRATH - the 2nd All-Star war winners of 2011!
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  8. Here here firebird 
  9. I hope this tournament goes well
  10. Thanks to everyone that helped make the tournament what it was. I was impressed with the standard of leadership in Team Wrath. Also congratulations to all that fought.
  11. why havent i gotten my achievement yet? ))))):
  12. NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  13. Um hello what is a allstar war
  14. How do u become a admin of kingdoms at war