Kingdoms at War: 2nd Anniversary All-Star War - 2011

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  1. And they're off and racing TEAM WRATH off to the 10bil early lead but GO TRAM PRIDE still only early days
  2. Nice Team Pride. About half of your members have "barcode" names.

    Is this your genius plan? Do you not realize you have a Rank # in clan and that now, instead of being called by your first name(<----figure of speech)You get to be branded as a number!

    Man I wish I was as smart as you guys! Now Wrath can just say member #76 instead of trying to decode your series of i's and L's.

    Kudos for being not smart ;)
  3. Support to chad! :lol:
  4. Wow just did some checking Team Wrath is pretty stacked. Team Wrath has 14 LB people with 7 Non LB people above the last LB person. Team Pride has 5 LB people with 1 Non LB person above the last LB person. Not to fair to me.
  5. You do understand the process involved to get number of player hitting u if u r on an I device right?
  6. Barcode, do you mind pointing out where i said anything about being on an idevice?

  7. 16bil lead to TEAM WRATH :(
    come on TEAM PRIDE
  8. Up to 19 now O NO
  9. @Chad lol I was just saying
  10. TRAM WRATH have a 23Bil lead seems like TEAM PRIDE have some leakers OMG Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  11. Team Wrath FTW ;)
  12. TRAM WRATH leads by 32bil looks to be still early TEAM PRIDE may claw their way back into it! Even though TEAM WRATH were made to win!! TEAM PRIDE will cone back at the end finish strong :) (i hope)
  13. Good luck wrath and pride hope it's a good clean fight. 
  14. 16.5 hours to go TEAM PRIDE clawing back down to 23 bil difference
  15. This All Star War is awesome. Looking at all the activity is nice. CC must be very hectic with 200 people talking n discussing. Don't know how it looks like. Maybe like WC? :shock:

    Well, congrats to all Team Wrath, Lust, Pride and Envy. You win or lose doesn't matter cause you guys are indeed winner. It's not easy to be the fastest TOP 800 in 5000 applicants. It sure is hard cause you need to be real active in KaW & Forum. ;) ;) ;)

    For Team Wrath and Pride. Go Go Go. Do your best so that even if you lose, you know that you already did your best. Like what the saying says "There's always someone better than you." That's why its called All Star War. Congrats to All Participant of this 2nd KaW Anniversary All Star War.
  16. This pride wrath war still tough to call 20 bil is not a huge difference. Gonna be interesting to see who comes out on the winning side
  17. Indeed it is. Both side doing well. That's why I say all are winners. Tough fight and anyone can win it. It all comes down to activity. Only activity can decide who will win the All Star War. Good Job Team Wrath and Team Pride. Fight till the End. :p
  18. Wow this sounds cool wish I could participate (mabee next time)
  19. Goodluck to all in pride and wrath.

    I was hoping it'd be a close war just as it is. It was very fun to do allstar last year while being on lb..

    I can only imagine our current lb are enjoying themselves just as much.

    Kudos to all! :)
    Keep up the close war. I cant wait to see war stats