Kingdoms at War 1st Anniversary All-Star War!

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  1. LOL I never really play the actually game too much, only reason I want to enter is so I can say months from now I was IN the first anniversary war. :) Thatd be cool.
  2. Where do u c if u r in the top 2000???
  3. I play this game averagely on a 6hrs basis. I battle, do the last quest evry time, sometimes volley allies, but sometimes I only get to volley that ally 3x or 5x, & Im ranked like 7900s. I'm sure I'm missing something here, but what else? I don't want to keep playing if I'm never sure to improve 
  4. If you are not in the top 2000. write a fan fiction about how you were able to participate and win.

    That way you can continue to enjoy the forum parts of this game instead of SUDDENLY whining about being left out from the VERY parts of the game you have never shown interest in being good at.

    Ranked 2000 is around the following:

    - Build complete over 700-800K+ stats

    - ally ranking of over 1500, ie: 3-4 mill in ally stat??? 30-40 bill?

    - win stats of over 20-25K fights won. over 6 months..that's around 5 unloads of full 25 atks a day...

    wake up unload, lunch unload, dinner unload, sleep unload, midnight piss unload.
  5. Awesome!!! I'm in there like swim wear... Woo hoo
  6. Qwerty, if you stick with questing, you really won't ever make it anywhere in this game. It's fun to play, for sure, but you won't ever be particularly strong or good at fighting battles or wars.

    To get anywhere in this game requires a few things... Enough $ invested in allies to earn max ally plunder when you attack, a build that provides good plunder ($8m to $10m per hit), and either clan OSF or some good inactives...

    You can make $2b, 3b a day like that. That would get you some allies, after months of doing that. That's how most of us did it, I'm guessing.
  7. Here's a technique I learned qwert u find a good inactive and just farm him and save ur money until u hav 50mil then buy an ally and just keep doin that till u hav like 15 50mil allies it works watch ur ally plunder go up then say in wc ppl hire ur allies
  8. Does anyone know how or when we will be informed if we made it in?
  9. Join the war
  10. Go godsninja I like ur idea
  11. When do we find out the war roster?
  12. Join the war!!!

  13. Boycot THE WAR their not bein fair:(
  14. Lol jk I think it's cool their doin that but I wanna prrticapate :( ahh I'll prob make top 2k by then
  15. This war should be for the oldest, what does strngth have to do with an aniversary lol
  16. How about first 400 '09ers to sign up get to fight. 
  17. I like the idea of trying to get everyone in the war .