Kingdoms at War 1st Anniversary All-Star War!

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  1. 1% of all kaw players participate.
  2. I've spent 9 months in the game and I'm not in top 2000 anymore
  3. You can participate in your own little side war if you would like then. :)

    The Top 2000 are the warriors who made this game what is it. Game wise at least.
  4. Actually, that's wrong Rajang...
  5. This sucks stupid apple for making faulty products and stupid me for resetting in the first place
  6. Go prove me wrong. If they did something for the game and they're not Top 2000, they went inactive.

    Forum spammers dont count as doing something for the game.
  7. Made the game what it is? Every player has had a part in that. And I'm not a spammer.
  8. Plenty of non-top 2000nders have created a clan that's something.... I mean I created a top 20 clan (I assume we were quite strong look up tbone556 one of our members) and I'm not a top 2000 anymore
  9. Creating a clan doesnt necassarily mean you did something for the game. Well in a way it does, but not something of importance really..
  10. I'm not in top 2000 raj.. Accually rank 7,444 and I have never reset. 
  11. Well yes it does we affected the nal/ hollow war a major war in my opinion
  12. Yeah Rajang. TZ didn't do crap for the game. A lot of players have contributed to the game through other ways. Half the top 2000 use a lot of nobility anyway. It isn't the developers rewarding the experienced, contributing players, but the ones that give them a paycheck. It's stupid. Just because they're rich or have nothing better to spend their money on doesn't make them any more experienced or elite than anyone else. Love ya Rajang. But you're wrong. Top 2000 doesn't mean crap. :)
  13. See Benny makes a good point Benny ha affected this game a TON!
  14. Well darn Benny. :p

    I dont think a plunder war would be something you'd care much about if you dont actually PLAY the game :p
  15. I get why they don't let us join bc we would just be farms but they could make a weaker war
  16. Theres a select few such as Benny, TZ, ummm Cor...

    I really dont know many active contributors to the game. Maybe Cow 

    OKAY theres like 10-20 of these guys. But not enough to make a whole new bracket of people..
  17. Yeah. I agree. It sucks it's not open to everyone. I'd join, but I guess I can't
  18. I'd guess that there's just as many contributors to the game with their rank less than 2000 as there is contributors in the top 2000. And spending a bunch of money isn't contributing. :)
  19. This is a really awesome idea and I'd live to be in it! But the top 2000 thing ruined my hopes >_>