Kingdoms at War 1st Anniversary All-Star War!

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by admin, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. I cannot wait to get In for the 2nd.... I was 50 ranks away from #2000 last time 
  2. The trend changed.. Anniversary plunder war later this year.
  3. How do i get in on this war?
  4. I want to be on team a
  5. This war was BS. i was booted from aries becuz of dumb reaper
  6. Only if ur in top 2000 ur probably not in it
  7. I obviously missed this. 
  8. ill join if i can
  9. Lol. Noob signup for completed war starts here. 
  10. Only 2000 more spots to climb to make the next one
  11. Lmaooo that's funny swabia

    This was the most fun I ever had on 4 hrs worth of sleep lol
  12. *this war was imean
  13. Those were the days... :)
  14. was the clan 'aries' disbanded
  15. This is locked... yet I am posting...
  16. will they be doing this again
  17. i'm still waiting for this wars player stats
  18. we were promised a year ago...
    is it time to give up?