Kingdoms at War 1st Anniversary All-Star War!

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by admin, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. * Still want my promised stats *
  2. there should be a KAW Christmas bowl or something like that
  3. Can we have another war
  4. Yes, a year after the last one.
  5. Im not playing kaw for 90 days but im a cla owner and im lc and sure wil be bx in next 2-4 weeks im unranked on all leaderbords exept the ali one .. Somewehre righ right atthe back so im assuming that i have a chance to get on it everywehre 
  6. when excatly is 2nd, and what new extras?
  7. As per the name, the next anniversary.
    The winners got nobility if that is what you mean.
  8.  what day is the anniversery
  9. There Should Be Another War
  10. This time make it a plunder war!
  11. How can i sign me up ???? Wall that to me plz
  12. Warrior it's over... And u have to be onthe top 2000...
  13. It was going to be top 1000, but quite a few players refused to join up, thus it became top 2000.
  14. Lmfao. Read dates of thread dude.
  15. Where the hell are the stats???
  16. There should be a 2nd Kaw all star war!
  17. /looking for stats.
    Don't worry. I'll wait till next year...