Kingdoms at spy's

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  1. I have noticed a lot of people who are turning into hansels or g hansels I remember a day when big meaty attack builds were welcome with arms. I was once a big meaty attack build BUT tore it down because I wanted to war in we since most clans don't do long 12 or 24 hour wars or not that many osws before this most people in 2011 and 2010 were a good number of hansels not overflowing with hansels  now don't get me wrong I want to be a Hansel to now so it's ok hansels out there. I was a big meaty attack build one day until I came up against this clan with a big hansel. They just assinated all my troops to zero just give then full pots and mith and they will dominate some of you may say why didn't you just build some spy defense towers? Well that person was a 6 mil attack hansel with some good ee equipment and full load of pots. most big people with big attacks have to rip down there builds just to be put in a decent ee clan. Just imagine spending like a whole year worth of gold and tearing down lvl 3 hydras  then a lot of g hansels can get good ee clans with ease. there are some good and bad reasons to be a hansel or attack that I didn't post. So what does everybody think of big attacks now ? What do people think of hansels now? You can decide * note I don't want to make this kingdoms of towers either
  2. Hi I'm Jackson and I have no friends. Is there anyone else like me?
  3. Correction of title

    Kingdom at Spies*

    Anyways, I like being Hansel. Easy to grow because of plunder.
  4. On your current account? There was no big meaty attack build there.
  5. Seems like a personal issue
  6. Hybrid makes better plunder then hansel and attack build
  7. me and jack on the same boat
  8. Stay a big meaty attack build in an osw and you'll see what happens. :lol:
  9. A 6mil attack hansel....that doesn't exist....does it?
  10. A six mil Hansel does exist
  11. lmao @ your clan :lol:
  12. Holy wall of text, batman! Can I buy a paragraph for $.02?
  13. I agree, lost track in the sea of words so I just quit trying to read it. 
  14. He wasn't a big attack build he only has 17,000 attacks u little lier
  15. @jackson I think there's a couple people named tnt and justice that need friends, you could talk to them.
  16. Spies sucks.
  17. I'm currently a hybrid working on implementing towers seems to be a fairly efficient build for battling and for plunder. Go with def buildings seems to be very efficient with your army as long as you know how to properly assassinate and stat track.
  18. Spies are amazing. Spragga will destroy all who think otherwise!