Kingdoms at LSA

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  1. Sc2? I like sc. Been playin for a decade 
  2. msg lsa I'm bronze and he's plat but he played with me :lol:

    Ok done derailing, let more badassery ensue
  3. The world doesn't revolve around your head. If you don't like my thread, stay the hell off of it. ;)

    <3 We will.

    Because when you can't win a fair fight you call in all of your friends. Its okay, it won't change anything.

  4. Gladiator. Please list all 7 clan that have LSA in ca. Cause I was on my alts yesterday and of my 3 oG accnts in dif oG clans, only 1 was hitting. So I'd be delighted to be informed all 7, since clearly I'm not.
  5. Respect to Omega  Hilarious how some get so hot and bothered that you have so many supporters  good luck 
  6. Omega tends to make stuff up. First off its not all of og alliance on them. Hell most of us could care less about him or his clan. And there's also the fact that there isn't enough targets to go around for a whole alliance. Especially not after his clan mates abandoned him.
  7. To be fair, I didn't allege that LSA was dead. I also mentioned they could be tracking. Was curious who beyond omega n Jim were active.
  8. Lol I'm friends with LSA crew. No disrespect toward them at all. People Saying they are fighting the entire oG alliance is just to start a bandwagon type effect.
  9. It's mostly just sicniss hog outlaws and black hand atm. Still a bit much for 14 players you're all claiming are inactive dontcha think?

    Let me assure you, we are indeed very busy.

  10. omega you are full of crap !!! you say u have 10k in pots but a assn shows 0 pots, maybe thats attk pots u dont use my bad. 2nd there a very few of us hitting you clowns, just a few in ca etc. however u know its really easy to track a main. say uhh we gonna fail this eb, ok im going to bring my main to help . yeah so on and so on, been busy huh so has ur main in that lb clan no names though . Also if u went to Mcdonalds and asked for no pickles on your burger and they gave u pickled would you be upset ? Then why be upset if you asked for OG alliance even though all arent hitting you, even though all arent ! 
  11. Good to know Omega. I see Jim is playing around with Starfleet_Apocalypse.
  12. 10k of every Spy attack potion... Why the hell would I have defence potions with no allies to hide? :roll:

    I'm sure you, having godly dev powers can see all the people hitting us, so I won't argue with you, all-knowing-one.

    If it's so easy to track, why haven't you found any of my other accounts yet?

    If I asked for no pickles, and they gave me pickles, yes I'd be upset. I hate pickles. But then I'd scrape them off my burger, get over it, then life would go on.

    I'm not upset about who / how many are hitting me. I just don't like when people like yourself try to represent entire alliances on forums, and spew bs and lie to everyone like you know things.

    Just relax. Its a game. Breath in, breath out.

  13. lol. Sorry fam and alliance but  cheeks here has to get it . X-0mega-X is all i will give u i kno of all though there is a few I wont mention. Clans where uhh travis, sky and cold r at . But dont run now we have names already . Oops i didnt say that damn, now them and them n they 100b comibined r gone . Lets
  14. Stop the bs and leave forums out of it !!! fight and shut the **** up !!! 
  15. When's the English version coming out?

  16. The English version is smacking you in the face every 5 minutes
  17. All the ppl crying about all the clans on poor omega go back and read the first post u noobs. Omega clearly stated to all 7og clans we r still here and we r lookkng for a fight. Smh at all the noobs whining about the odds lol u dont walk up to with 14 dudes to 1800 ppl and say we want to fight all of u then cry when it isnt 14v14 lmao but cheers i here they are trying to just focus on hitting subs from pin
  18. Well at least jim is lol the rest usually zeroed
  19. OmgeaLSA

    Really? Why? No need because your not that famous. Just write your post, no need for the annoying blue at the bottem
  20. Good luck LSA!