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  1. Today, while at work I received a very disturbing message from a dear friend of mine.
    It read the following: I need you to post CF on forums, they wont accept unless you do.
    I shook my head and rubs my eyes, looked back and the message was still there. I gave the message a lot of thought.. I mean A LOT of thought.

    I was in a very difficult situation. I couldn't fathom swallowing my pride and surrendering, regardless of the situation at hand. The odds were terrible, and morale was looking worse with each clan joining on oG side against the lone Zerg.


    But how could I surrender? How could I possibly let down my team. LSA has taken much pride in always being the last to leave the battlefield. Hell, we've spent more time in war than out, and our activity is terrible when out of war. Our allies in Zerg on the otherhand are not used to the chaos and bloodshed that is OSW. They didn't want the war, which was caused over a miss-call by Ms Vanquish. I tried to keep them out of it, made it very clear that LSA members were not Zerg alts or mains or whatever, that we are 2 seperate clans, but it wasn't enough. An excuse to take anger out on an ally clan was a low blow - but a smart one.

    A friendly epic battle clan, with a strong leadership, good people and always a fun time Zerg hold their own. An impressive feat against 7 leaderboard war clans. And to that Zerg, I salute you. You should all be proud of yourselves and eachother as I know it was difficult and stresses were high, but you kept your ranks together and defended the place you call home to the absolute best of your ability. And I can't name another epic battle clan in KaW that could put up a fight like that against so many.

    Zerg surrenders to the oG 7. A wise decision for a clan with so much at stake, and now can return to their epic battles, and peaceful way of playing..

    Now what are we LSA warriors going to do? We play for war, we don't care about growth, we dont care about items, leaderboard ranking, allstar wars, estoc edge, whatever. We play for Off system war.

    Zerg did what they had to do to survive, and based on the comments I've read on that thread, you've all shown Zerg the respect they deserve. But the ceasefire thread stated a surrender from Zerg and behalf of LSA - This is where we disagree.

    Zerg does not speak for LSA, and although Zerg may surrender. Let me make this very clear.

    LSA Does not surrender. To anyone. For any reason. Ever.

    That ceasefire request posted on behalf of LSA, was not approved by the leadership at LSA.


    Zerg takes more diplomatic approach to things, where as my team likes to leave a trail of bodies on our way out - and that is absolutely fine, everyone should play the game to their own enjoyment. And that is where the alliance between LSA and Zerg will come to an end. I've come to the realization that a pure OSW clan and an epic battle clan will never be able to hold an alliance without the parties involved having disagreements. So to retain our long friendship, and out of complete respect to my second favorite clan in Kingdoms at War,

    I OmegaLSA, am resigning our alliance to the Zerg clan and all affiliated family clans.


    So now I know what you're thinking. If it was 7 oG clans vs Zerg / LSA, and Zerg surrenders out, doesn't that mean 7 oG clans vs LSA?
    Yes, yes it does. By all means, we're not planning on winning this war. Its an impossible task, to take out so many with so few. However what we do plan on doing is fighting. LSA is a small hand selected team of some of the most ruthless players I've ever met throughout my years of playing Kingdoms at War. We are a group of friends dedicated to "our own enjoyment" of KaW. ;) We always have fun, pinned or not, no ebs running, just goofin' off drinking and talking smack in CC. Regardless of the number of players hitting us, no matter how long we are pinned for, doesn't matter if we never grow again, we will fight together, and you bet your ass we're going to have one hell of a time doing it. So to the oG 7, we're still here, and we're looking for a fight.

    And to those of you that say "Nothing special for a group of pure spies with nothing to lose to declare war blah blah blah" think...
    It was you, huge alliances; the clans that all gang up on individual clans that made us this way. We have the best builds for what we do, and we're very good at it.


    We are LSA Elite, doing what we love to do. Victory was never our goal. To have fun is our goal, and warring is how we're going to do it.

    An outsider scout reports "Sir! We are surrounded! The enemy are everywhere!"

    LSA replies "Good, that means we can attack in any direction!"

    The leader of LSA Elite,

  2. Damn!!!!! Okay
  3. Did not see this coming at all........
  4. Support. Nobody can beat you without your permission.
  5. Great work LSA!!!!
  6. Oh ****! Much respect to all of you!!!!
  7. Wow Full Respect to LSA
  8. Rotflmfao says the pure spy
  9. Total respect to LSA!
  10. R u kidding me they are all pure spies im dying laughing right now-when u go pure spy u r surrendering Omega. Your clan has a combined 25b in allies. It is basically like when u step on a spider and a leg still twitches-that would be lsa
  11. Warning: TROLL AND I WILL FARM YOU!!!!
  12. Says OG
  13. I may be in BCE, but that deserves some mad respect.
    ༒ᎦᎥᏨ ห ᏐᎦᎦ༒ ☠ɵ₲☠
  14. You don't have a dog in this fight.