Kingdoms at 1 bracket indi war

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  1. Speaking of statless alts , post with main. 

    At least I know who my mother is LOL and unlike yours she knows who my father is LOL . Let me guess Todd is your father LOL
  2. Really off subject
  3. Thats exactly what d3mon said when i stripped him 100T lmao, he said he bank and never leave gold, so that means he is just watching while the strips is goin on, so funny lol,but i wasnt born yesterday tracking him is like he sleep like there is no tomorrow, and yeah he just like to talk lol but if u hit him no single hit in your newsfeed,
  4. Same story with you indeed. I saw your strip, banked and let you waste your time. You got like 6 steals in iirc lol.
  5. You are the new king of KAW RP
  6. So what your claiming is you have 106T+ banked? Yet never pvp?  best story ever bro how long is your nose? I could hang all my laundry on that thing and still have room.

  7. Statless alt not counted in forum
  8. I actually have around 600t banked. Thats only on this acc too. I dont pvp ANYMORE, because i have quit kaw. Anyone claiming kaw isnt dead is naive and theres no point wasting time on "pvp"
  9. Roughly translated, he’s crying he got his ass kicked again.
  10. Lot of lowlands same guys all the time won't let new guys have a go
  11. New guys usually suck. However you're welcome to pm me but do expect to prove yourself if you want to war.
  12. Every EE war lands into an event.

    The one "between events" counts for the next event because new event starts right away, and rewards are given based off of that.

    So, unless you pvp without pvp weekend or do a system war, you're rewarded.
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    Demon stinks at war
  14. Not as much as you, though
  15. Crap player talking about wars. Shut the hell up no support
  16. The crap player that has always won with atleast 1b margin against you in lowland wars  mustang salty again
  17. go sleep
  18. Carnt even get in lowlands usually same people need to promote clan wars