Kingdoms at 1 bracket indi war

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  1. We do know how many bars we had in. I don't know why he thinks we were buying allies over a 50 hour period as I bought all allies prior too. Have SS's of all the allies and can show where they are. Someone ELSE bought prior completely unaffiliated.

    Also we kept farming AFTER due to we were hoping his friends would jump in. You know, like friends should do.

    He can say what he wants about it. We know when he got on (we said it in CC) and we kept farming not adding to the bar count.

    Anyway, since his friends decided they'd rather Event Fairy their time away we're just going to keep PvPing our way. If you decide your old clannie is worth it we're all centrally located and easy to find.

    You guys enjoy yourself, we don't mind Mr "PvP" rolling over. We find it funny that he is rolling over.
  2. Lmao, I dont need my friends to help me since you guys pose no threat. Already disproved all your points and you keep repeating the same things, but anyways.
    YOU hired 50 hours before. Literally YOU. Mr Charlie. Just because you did many bars it doesnt mean you took a lot of gold because you steal a %, not a set amount. There. Understand now, or do you need me to draw pretty pictures to help your tiny brain understand?
    As far as PvP goes, none of you have accounts/allies good enough to be worth hitting. Sure, i could jump on some other accs and drop 50 fb's with no fails, but it'd be a waste of time because it does nothing. I just have the brain to realise pvp in kaw is dead.

  3. :lol: :lol: I told you they love RP :lol: :lol:
  4. Says the other looser who has '3 BC accounts' yet talks on a statless account. I bet he's using VPN like todd so they don't get banned from the game because they have no life outside of the game. Pathetic.
  5. :lol: :lol: that's really the biggest acct you have huh? lol :lol: :lol:
  6. Uhhh i dont know where you got the "3 BC ACCOUNTS" from. I dont share info about my accounts. Besides, kaw doesnt do IP bans, VPN wont help, i havent done anything to get banned for.. etc

  7. :lol: :lol: I think the other loser he's (butthurt) talking about is me :lol: :lol:

    for real though he's pretty much statless :lol: :lol:
  8. I wasn't talking to you...
  9. Why would his friends bother wasting time on a bunch of nobodies hitting someone a fraction of their size? :lol:
  10. You all seem to forget that according to demon he’s the toughest kaw player ever and everyone is a floor mat compared to him. Banked or not, the all mighty trash talking demon did what about it? Nothing. Just changed banner and sits there inactive and with no allies and none of us have received any inc from him. I mean I’ve stripped trash before but even Swabia‘s lame ass hit back for a day before going inactive and claiming victory. Thus the point is demon is even less relevant than Swabia. And he can keep acting tough and being the coolest guy to ever post in forums but the fact still remains that he has no allies and did nothing but roll over. All that talk but push came to shove and he’s pouting with poop in his pants.
  11. :lol: :lol: u sound butthurt :lol: :lol:
  12. Butthurt? Lol hardly. It’s called kingdoms at war. Not kingdoms at forum post and talk big. It’s funny to me that so many people talking big and go on about how “we failed to strip him” and on about a “failed pvp clan”. Y’all that stuck on event eh? 7 years ago hitting someone was considered playing kaw. Who even said we were trying to run a clan? We’re not even recruiting. We’re 5 people who have played together since 2010. B2B goth/lotl got boring so we decided to switch it up and go old school when BL and Hitting WC was a thing. Today posting “look there butthurt losers” is playing kaw? Then yes I’m butthurt from falling on my ass laughing about all you school girls crowding around demon for sitting in his poopy pants.

  13. How did dem3n hurt your butt?! Tell us a story :p
  14. Honestly your just another nub talking bs. You go on as if you stripped caff or something. Everybody knows D3mon only logs in twice a day one is to war and the other is to liven up wc so what you hired his allies and fail stripped him he's practically starless and you think you're great strip somebody relevant then you can spurt out whatever you want the way I see it is your trying to bully him and your lucky he didn't ask for any of his friends help because they would leave you rekt!

  15. lol I'm telling you those EchoLegend losers love RP :lol: :lol: look at they BL 100% fairies lol
  16. I already said how it is for you. Want to keep blowing air go fill a balloon.

    Also to the statless alt; Still no hits from the real you. Then again you're just another Todd, ain't that true? Whooped so hard word is now you hiding too. One day you can see the trauma through and maybe even get past all the constant thinly veiled whining and boohoos.

    I'm just having fun with this now. :lol:
  17. If I'm just another Todd then your just another Roni because all your doing is talking gibberish that no one cares about. Idk even know d3mon lol I just think it's funny that you accuse him of chest thumping and that's all your doing  Your whole puny sad clan sucks lol. I could destroy all of you by myself but you're not worth my time. It's pointless fighting a nobody like you and your friends lol. Anyways I know who all of you are lol. Gl finding out who I am. That is until all of you wake up nekid lol 
  18. Cool story, let me guess. RedStar reborn? No but really, don't care.

    Difference between ME and YOU, I never needed to make an alt to speak to you. So have fun, we'll be here while you do whatever it is that's taking so long to deliver a single hit.

    Be a knight in shining armor already would You? :lol:
  19. I'm a man you're obviously a little boy or girl lol

    Well since I'm just another toad LOL "your mother thinks I'm a knight in shinning armour"

    LOL if you haven't noticed it's 2018 not 2010-2011 I'm not going to sit here and exchange hits with you and play paddycakes. :lol: :lol: and Ild rather not get fail scout bombed for 24-7. Like I said you'll wake up nekkid hehehe :lol:
  20. Yes it’s 2018 the night before I married your mother 