Kingdoms at 1 bracket indi war

Discussion in 'Wars' started by xXD3mOnXx, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Yeah.. Come on guys. Less than 30 players? Never mind zero other clans in lowland.. All about the event rewards huh. Maybe EE should be only 48 hours 
  2. Noobs don’t war till event starts. :/
  3. Ee sucks enough said really.
  4. So does chaos reborn
  5. That's your opinion completely off topic but still its your opinion none the less.
  6. EE wars are meant for events now. Why so shocked that most won't do it outside of event?

    Anyway see you again soon EE fairy. :lol:

    "Cowardly hearts and straight up shook ones, shook ones
    He ain't a crook son, he's just a shook one."
  7. Shut up d3mon. Your garbage you talk all this game then you get stripped roll over change you banner and come to forums like your boss? Yaaaawwwwwwwnnnnn.
  8. LMFAO best title ever 
  9. War isn't fun same people and arguments its getting boring now.
  10. Oh.. you mean when you hired allies over a 50-hour period then expected me to be unbanked, stole 500b, stole 0 gold out for 10 hours, saw me change banner to hint at your wasted time, but still continued for another four hours..
    Devastating! How can I get past this?!
  11. No opinion. Your trash, your clans trash and your alliance is trash.
  12. Sure d3mon if that’s what makes you feel better. You sound like every chest thumping idiot to ever get stripped. As you sit there with no allies
  13. I love how he inflates the time number and thinks we don't know how to count bars for a strip.

    This your first time being stripped buddy? :lol:
  14. As I said, I banked after ~500b stolen as you took so incredibly long, kinda obvious you'll try to strip when you hire 50 hours before and make threats.
    Anyway, banked in silver bars but left some money out so you'd keep stealing. Oh how silly of me to assume you'd notice if i banked to zg.. I was evidently wrong.
    Because i came back hours later and you guys were still doing hundreds of steals.. on zero gold out.
    This account still holds a couple hundred thousand silver bars from my ally trading days, so i think ill get past my 500b loss. Good day.
  15. Well it's def not the first time you've failed strip & then try to brag about it lol 
  16. I love all these random times you come up with. I told you a month ago (it's in forums) and you were only being stripped by us for a couple of hours. Didn't buy any allies prior to beginning of strip. Someone else bought one. Not us. Also we took more than 500 bil. We got the bar count. We didn't clear because honestly we took enough.

    Now continue to roll over after talking trash. That's why it happened.

    As for the statless, I have a newsfeed. Fill it with your main.
  17. Sigh.. did you even read my post? Ill explain one more time. Stealing in kaw takes a certain %. You cannot tell if i banked, or not. Yes, you hired allies constantly for around a 50 hour period. Doesnt matter how many steals you do when enemy has no gold out. I literally have ~600 steals on zg, which is after you cleared the 50b or so i left out after banking to keep you busy. Thanks.

  18. :lol: :lol: :lol: that's all they do is fail strips, they take pennies, usually off a long inactive or dead acct then claim they've stripped you lol straight up RP :lol: :lol: :lol:
  19. I actually seen the ss of you nubs stealing and D3mon had zero gold lmfao