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  1. Purespy first get the app photobucket from te AppStore, then upload or search for your desired pic(when you upload it it means it is being posted on the Internet) and select it. Then when you are viewing the picture tap the screen once and the sorrounding options will appear. Then tap the little i in the bottom right corner and press on the img code and it will copy it. Then paste the code when you are writing your post an it will be shown
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  12. G'day guys, just a couple of noob question, I think I may be hiring allies out of my league, I've just been tryin to make some cash and well from 300k I have over 1m worth of allies (if that's correct sayin that) but they all have highish stats is this correct or a good way in doin so? And my second is how do I raise my attack n def points? Do I need to upgrade and build more? Thanks in advance
  13. I'm not sure how to answer the first question. But for the second: Yes you have to upgrade to bring your attack, defense, spy stats up. But allies give you bonus. So if your allies had 500 attk then you would gain 500 attk but if tgat Allie is bought away you no longer have that bonus your Allie gave you

    upgrading buildings makes your stats go up permanently(unless u destroy the building) but allies give you temperary bonus and plunder bonus.

    I hope that answers your question
  14. There are four methods to buying allies. You just have to decide which reason you are buying the ally before you do so.

    1. Stats: buying allies to help boost your ally bonus to stats. You usually don't care about price as long as it's in the median value area.

    2. Resale: searching for the underpriced guy, or even just an active decent priced guy so you kno he will b bought and u will make the commission

    3. Plunder Anchors: u do not care about the stats on these guys, some people volley these inactive under 1k stat guys up real high just to ensure no one will buy them so they will have the plunder always

    4. Friends/Clansmen: people buy these guys to try and keep friends/clansmen together

    Now to increase ur stats u will have to build or upgrade. Look for certain topics in the strategy section of forums to find a method best suited for your playing style
  15. Brilliant thanks again guys that was heaps helpful, much appreciated
  16. Hey:). Just some questions, is there anything I can do to keep myself occupied while my soldiers regenerate cause all I do at the moment is atk ppl a few times, and then I have nothing else to do :(. And my other question is what could I do to make some good cash other then attacking and questing, some reliable/effective ways? ( it's sorta linked to the first question).
  17. U can read and post to forums to pass time. Chat in world chat or clan chat. Or you can volley allies to create money and pass time