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  1. Oh. Alright, watch your grammar though. I know what you mean most of the time, but some sentences may be misleading.
  2. Kk sry... Can u point some of them out for me??
  4. Just in general. I can't point all of them out. There are spelling mistakes and bad pronoun/antecedent references in some places.
  5. youre like a computer
  6. Is that a compliment? 
  7. 110010110001010101011001100010101110
  8. Yes. Very smart. Kinda scary. Lol.
  9. It's what happens when you develop a pet peeve 
  10. happy new year Chinese people 
  11. Um. Not usually... Unless abused.

    Happy new year klzeek!!!! Year of the what?
  12. I dunno. I'm not Chinese. I just heard it was their new year. 
  13. its tomorrow :D
    i get to stay up late and eat candy :p (chinese type candy)
  14. Luckkyyyy! Are you Chinese stora?
  15. I thought you abandoned this thread, Stor XD. Gong xi fa cai!
  16. Nihow or whatever lol
  17. Xing nian quai le ^_^

    or happy new years :p
  18. @Klzeek yes I'm Chinese
    @Blumpy yes I sorta ah abandoned this thread
  19. How do u post pic?