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  1. To all new players, welcome to KaW's information center! To all of the old players, WHAT'S UP?  The title of this thread says it all. The information center is the place to ask questions about rules, clans, and KaW mechanics as well as a place to go to for advice. We also encourage debate about updates, new ideas, and new information here.

    Here are our moderators:
    Kool-Aid - as forum moderator, he will answer your question about rules. tattletale 
    Storallelite - the owner of the alliance thread, SHE (very sensitive about that) will be able to answer questions about clans
    Me - I have some good knowledge on spies which could be very useful. I wrote the advanced guide to espionage.
    Benny - one of the older players on KaW, he probably knows the answer to most questions.

    These people are all moderators of this forum and HAVE THE RIGHT TO KICK YOU OUT OF THE THREAD. We are also willing to accept other experts at KaW's information center, as long as you're qualified.

    So what are you waiting for? We got a food vendor nearby so might as well stick around for some information 

    Let the discussion begin!
  2. Erm...Benny joined a day before me...
  3. .... sorry sounds cool!

    Feel free to ask me any game help or game related questions and im pretty sure ill be able to help :)!
  4. I'm qualified.
  5. What's a blumpy?
  6. A bump.. but lumpy?
  7. Ahhhh. What's the meaning of kaw?
  8. Kingdoms at war
  9. Even a newb like me knows that one: 42
  10. Too make this very clear....

    Benny is a nubcakez! Along with Blumpy
  11. What are nubcakez?
  12. Warning: Kool-Aid is a mature grown-up. Eew 
  13. Warning: Blumpy is still a nub.
  14. Dont hate me cause u aint me kool :)
  15. Who would want to be a Benny?

    There's no wall busting action.
  16. too shay..... however you spell that...
  17. We should probably wait for someone with a question lol. Did rajang want to help or was he just saying he was qualified?