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  1. Well that's how smash monsters started then the recent update turned it into a money grab by devs I assume the same will follow with heckfire ya know kinda seeing a pattern here so I will just stay here due to time invested but that's about it
  2. Gow started off like that too. Now you actually have to spend I don't know what its like now but when I quit the events were spend 1 USD or 1 cent or something like that. You actually had to buy a 100 dollar pack to complete the event lol. I just hope they don't ruin this game for you good luck with it.
  3. I made the beta but the link was broken

  4. It will start off small in time n money but like GoW the higher you go so goes the time n $$ I quit after the stats n troop numbers became insane and the cost became $160 canadian a purchase to even partially catch up.
  5. It's fun but not particularly innovative for its type of game.

    In my experience with ATA games it will be relatively cheap to play in the beginning, then progressively get more expensive.

    My suggestion, play it while it's reasonable, then move on.
  6. There is nothing to shout out about new game. There is alot game out there use same mech etc build up time but much better than koh.
  7. That's obviously why devs don't care about kaw anymore...
  8. There are different teams, one works with Heckfire and another with KaW. So KaW doesn't suffer anything from ATA making a new game! :)

    And also, I can't understand how you can say that the devs don't care about KaW. Recently they've released two new features (Legends and Transmution), updated the Marketplace, and they'll soon be cleaning up the inventories that has been requested for a long time. They clearly care about KaW when they spend that much time and money on it.
  9. Im not a fan.....20 notifications an hour and every time u log in youve 5 or 6 time consuming things to do.....if your looking for something to put a lot of time into and drop the rest of your games i can see the appeal but if your looking to play it alongside other apps its far too time consuming
  10. Not avliable in the USA. I am a beta tester (what the link says) have been trying to get the beta version since july 9th. Just been not succeeding regardless (Ive done literally everything, and The response on the ticket was 3 days late, and 4 days now. -It was started July 9th)
    So, The point of beta testing was to be ahead of the curve and at least be good before global launch.

    Disadvantaged now. RIP KoH
  11. "When they spend that much time and money on it". They literally done 2 updates that took less than a week to do. That's all. Legends is just events only rebranded, same thing. Was already an existing feature. Transmutation was hardly a hard thing to add either.
  12. Uninstall it after tried a unreleased version, boring game anyway.
  13. I'm not sure where you got all that info from... But I think it takes more time and is harder to do than it may seem.

    But the point isn't how hard it is to code it or how long time it takes. The point is that they are developing new features/updates, and that isn't something you do for a game you don't care about! :)
  14. How is it not available in the US but im playing it... Name is DemonicSin on it and im at 2m strentgh. Not bad , havent spent a dime on it. Just use the free speedups and use the jewels on chests
  15. Are you a beta tester?
  16. Started in the beta phase, now its in the soft launch phase
  17. I saw a list somewhere with the countries the soft release was active in, the US wasn't one of the countries.

    Here it is:
  18. Which countries is it available in? Someone said it has been Soft launched

  19. The link in the post above takes you there. Reading does wonders