Kindgoms of Heckfire

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  1. I have to say you need to try it.Its different but funny as hell to play.I think ata might have got it right.Theres a few things copied from kaw on it but other than that...well try it and see takes a lil getting use to but the game guilds you in building and so on good job ata.
  2. Is it still in Beta or has it been released?
  3. Took the words out of my mouth. I'm looking forward to playing but didn't make beta.
  4. I hear its like gow. No thanks.
  5. Still beta devs talked about a soft release soon but stick around i imagine they will anounce it asap
  6. You dont anything good to say about nothing
  7. who asked you anyways if i want your oponion i would beat it out of you
  8. Well, for most people its to late to get. Officially the game is no longer in beta, and has progressed to the soft launch stage where it will only be launched in select countries.

    A couple days ago the devs did have open signups, but i believe they are now closed. If you really care and want to get in, try submitting a ticket and asking. They will be able to tell more than me.
  9. Thx for info was not sure
  10. If you say so
  11. They need to fix this game before they can start a new one. I played Kingdoms of Heckfire for a few weeks to a month, stayed in the top 100 players generally but I got super bored. And it is super similar to other games like it.
  12. Don't like it at all, appeals more to children.
  13. I remember meegos
  14. You predicted what
  15. Is it a tap tap game like kaw?
  16. Humour in it is good but it's just an animated version of Game of War.
  17. played it for 2 weeks now, nothing much new,there similiar games like that
  18. If it takes after GoW,forget it,growing in that app is 10 x's as much as KAW even though it's prices weren't increased for Canadians like here.
    And growing in that app took weeks if not months for a building or training troops unless you spent rl cash.
    I'll stick with KAW as long as it breathes.
  19. the building take 14 min without speeding them up you make plenty of jewels and food on game to not have to go overboard on rl cash