Killer Inside

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  1. I want the books!!! Hey lil tiger when u write killer reborn, post it on ff!!!
  2. Well, DUHH! We write STORIES on ff…
  3. She thought he meant publishing the books only, calm down. No need to be rude.
  4. Awwwww! He went back to her house!! 
  5. Oh grow up lol
  6. Shut it Dragonkit!!!
  7. Amberclaw ^-* >,..<
  8. This story reminds me of the song, "killer inside"
  9. Wow lol ghost assassin
  10. Total fail lol
  11. Darn it! Wrong page...
  12. OMG!!!! That was the best story ever!! I cant wait to read the next one!
  13. My idea of kill Reborn is that Damien will haunt someone else, someone close to Kerri, like Chris.
  14. I'm guessing the killer will be either tris or Chris.
  15. If was to post the prologue to KR, say tomorrow, would you guys like that?

    Also, neither Chris nor Tris will be the new killer. Sorry to disappoint. But the new killer is a recurring character from KI. As said before, the new story will be a sequel to KI, but set ten years in the future. It is first person from Chris's point of view, but the prologue is third person. Just FYI.

    Also. Is that seriously all the questions you guys have? I'm willing to answer almost anything, unless it's a spoiler.
  16. Who's tris again? I just forgot :p
  17. Wait wait wait, will the killer be colts sister?
  18. Wait nvm I know who tris is
  19. Will tris return? And i would love it if you post the prologue tomorrow