Killer Inside

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  2. Wow this story is amazing! I cant get enough. Please continue to write! You are very talented! :-D
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  4. Last few chapters folks. Thanks for all the support and reading my story. You're all amazing! Here you go :)

    Chapter 49

    They had wrapped up the case about five days ago, and now I was free to go. I had been asked questions since then, and I answered the ones I was comfortable with. Zadie came by, and I finally talked to her. We didn't say much.

    She did tell me how KC's mother had reacted. How she had barely reacted to her daughter's death, but instead was planning her new marriage. Zadie was furious about her decision. I was too, but I didn't voice my opinion.

    I was home now, with my foster parents. They tiptoed around me like a bomb expected to go off. I felt like one. Nothing had felt the same since KC had died.

    Christmas was in 11 days, and KC's birthday would have been the day after and then mine 4 days later. I hadn't decided what I was going to give KC, and now I never would have to give her anything. Zadie had informed me there was to be a memorial for her on her birthday. I refused to go.

    I didn't need to relive that day. Ever. I didn't need to be remind of it, and I didn't want to be reminded of it.

    Lucky for me, I was moving today, before Christmas came, to Oregon. New school, new friends, new state, new parents. A new life for me. I was expect to just move on to a new chapter of my life.

    I wasn't going to move on though. I would never forget. She meant the world to me, and always would. No matter where they sent me, I would never forget.

    I had gotten the news about the move as soon as I had gotten home from the station. My foster parents were nervous, afraid I'd break down or turn into a killer. I didn't do either.

    I had just nodded, thanked them and told them how much I loved and appreciated them. Then I packed.

    I was ready now, to leave this place behind and only take its memories with me. The memories, good and bad, of here, where I had spent most of my life.

    Tris had offered to drive me to the airport. We had become friendly with each other, and I think under other circumstances we would have become close friends.

    Unfortunately, I'd never know.

    As I waited, I thought about everything again. I thought about that day. If only I could have been quicker, said something else, maybe I could have saved her. The police told me I couldn't have. But there was a small sliver of doubt in my mind, trying to convince me.

    Tris had told me about Damien, KC's conscious. He had told me how it tricked her, how the dark part of her mind turned on her. I wasn't going to let that happen. I wanted to prevent that, prevent everyone from that.

    Finally, my ride was here. Tris honked and I said goodbye once more. I looked back at my house one last time.

    And then I walked to the car.
  5. Epilogue

    (10 years later- Zadie's POV)

    It was the day after Christmas, what would have been KC's 26 birthday. Every year I celebrated it for her, seeing as no one else did.

    Her drunken mother died in a car accident last year, after not having a very successful acting career or marriage. I can't say I'm sorry.

    I wasn't officially left in care of the house, but I couldn't let Tanya, the mother, take care of it. She was in no state to do so, and didn't want to.

    I had rented the house out for short times to people, but no one wanted to buy the house of a serial killer. Except for today.

    I had been contacted by email from someone interested in the place. Didn't want a tour of it, and was willing to pay full. I had happily agreed. Staying in this house for ten years was hard work.

    I had spent the last week cleaning up. The new owner had agreed to buy all furniture and decorations with the place. I had said yes, since it would have just gone into storage.

    The only thing I was worried about was KC's room. I had left it exactly the way it had been the day Chris had brought her in. The sheets had been washed, but that was it. I didn't know what the new owner think of that.

    The doorbell suddenly rang, interrupting my last minute thoughts.

    Opening it, the person on the other side was wearing a heavy black coat and hat due to the cold, windy weather.

    "Hello," they greeted, and I realized it was a man.

    "Hello," I responded. "I'm Zadie. I presume you are here about the house."

    "516 Marson Drive, home of Kerri Cadwell, the Kid Killer."

    I tensed at that. "Yes, that's true."


    "Come in," I offered tersely.

    He nodded his thanks, and walked past. Taking off his coat and hat, he shook out his hair.

    I glared at him. I didn't like his type.

    Turning around, he had a faint smile that I recognized.

    "Hello again Zadie. It's been too long," he said softly.

    It was Chris, Christian Jones. My jaw dropped.

    "I thought you would have moved on."

    "No, never," he said.

    He turned back around and took a deep breath.

    "It's good to be back. Keys?" He asked teasingly.

    I shook my head in disbelief and tossed him the keys. Catching them he gave a real smile and skipped off. I sighed, and went to make some tea.

    I found him upstairs in KC's room.

    "It's just the way I left it," he said when he heard me. His back was to me.

    "I left it just the same."

    "Thank you Zadie."

    He was standing in the doorway to her room. Turning, he gladly took a cup of tea. His face was dark and gloomy now, not as happy.

    Chris saw me looking him over, and lit up into happiness again.

    "Well, ten years is a very long time Zadie. I think we have some catching up to do."

    And with that, he skipped back down stairs of his true home, the home of his best friend, Kerri Cadwell.
  6. Awesome!!!!!! I cant wait for killer reborn!
  7. This thread is now completely open for discussion about the book. I'll answer questions, fill in details and take edits/advice from anyone willing to give it on the story. Thank you all for reading, I'm super happy you like the story. For future reference, I am trying to clean the story up and get opinions on it because I would like to a some point try to publish it (maybe). So if this was a novel would you read it? Thanks again!
  8. I would definitely read it
  9. Guessing from the title, Killer Reborn is when KC is reborn as a zombie… Then she begins eating people and zombifies everyone, it would include guns, Rockets, Missiles, Tanks!, Submarines, Aliens…

    And PLANES!!

    Well thats my guess, lol
  10. Plane, lil_tiger said that killer reborn would not include KC rising from the dead. (Although that would be cool)
  11. Lol, nice idea Plane. Sorry to disappoint, she doesn't come back from the dead. I'm keeping it strictly possible. Killer Reborn is the next installment, and features almost everything from Chris's point of view.

    He's grown up and got a new job in Los Angeles working in the police force, kind of. He's a clinical psychiatrist, an his department works with the LA Police Force. Anyways, a murder arises and then another. When Chris's boss realizes the style of the killer, he forbids Chris from helping on the case. A new client brings a new view on the case, and Chris digs deeper into it, finding startling things he hoped to never to see again.
  13. Very sad and nice.
  14. So how much of reborn has been written so far?
  15. Planned? All of it. Actually written? First 15 chapters.
  16. Great ending. iMaster Approved lol
  17. And just curious when r u gonna start to post it? Im really excited
  18. Next week probably. I'm going to give myself a little cool down time, and watch to see how people like Killer Inside, any ideas people have, edits I can make, etc etc.

  19. Good Job Lil_Tiger,

    Though most of KI has not been read by me, I can tell by the responses that I will be amazed. Good job on all of the hard work you've done these past six months and I hope Killer Reborn is just as good.