Killer Inside

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  1. Thank you for making me feel sympathetic to a serial killer.
  2. This is really really good. No amazing
  3. 6 chapters with her dead?? I mean I guess you gotta wrap it up... sorry I'm more used to creepypasta where they end it like that...
  4. Well, it shows the aftermath of her death. And it's not 6 chapters, it's 4 so far. Might split the last one into an epilogue/preview of Killer Reborn. Rest of the story should be up tonight, tomorrow morning.
  5. Short bit, not really a chapter, but just shows Chris's point of view of the suicide.

    Chapter 45/46ish

    Chris's POV

    I looked up at her voice, her perfect alto, singing the chorus once more.

    Tears streamed down her face, blood down her arms as she sung.

    "You'll never know dear, how much I love you," she sang. She didn't realize how much that really meant to me.

    "So please don't take my sunshine away," I begged, shakily singing the last verse.

    I looked at her, my eyes pleading. She met my eyes for a second. I jumped toward her as so as I saw what they meant. They were full of sorrow, and anger, and hatred, and love.

    And she drove the knife straight into her chest, splattering blood across her and me. I felt the warm blood hit my face as I lunged forward from the chair. I caught her as she feels, and lowered her to the ground, screaming.

    My hands were shaking. I couldn't think straight.

    Yanking the knife out, I threw it by my side and wrapped my arms around her. My body rocked back and forth holding her, my face resting on her chest. I couldn't control myself, all self control was gone.

    Shaking as I cried, tears poured out of me. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. I sat there, cuddling her bleeding body, until both of us were covered in blood.

    I couldn't think now. Everything was blurry, and a mess. I just wanted to take her home, be with her. I wanted her to know she would also be safe with me. Standing up, I carried her in my arms. Slowly, I started to walk towards the door.

    I didn't care how I looked, I didn't even know. All that mattered was taking KC home. I don't even know why that mattered, it just did.

    As I kicked the door open, I could vaguely hear people shouting at me. I looked around, and through blurry blood and tears I could make out fuzzy shapes all around me.

    I didn't care.

    I walked onwards, hanging my head to look at KC's face. She didn't hear the voices either.
  6. THE VOICES
  7. Very sad. ;( ;( ;(
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  9. So is killer reborn a sequel?
  10. Yes the sequel will be Killer Reborn and no she doesn't come back to life. I'm making it purely reasonable.

    Thanks for all the support! Few more chapters and it's done!
  11. Chapter 47

    Agent Radke's POV

    We stood outside the house, waiting for the signal to approach. The door then opened and everyone's hold on their guns tensed.

    A little girl came out, crying. Agent Thornton lowered her gun and quickly moved her away.

    I radioed the officers we had sent around back. "Hostage just exited through the front. You have a visual?"

    As I waited for an answer, I looked around. Everyone was rigid at attention. I flexed my sweaty palms that clutched my gun.

    "No visual on the right, all blinds closed," a transmission came in.

    "Copy that."

    "None backside either."

    "Copy that," I said lazily.

    We waited for a few minutes, and right as I was about to signal for a frontal approach, the door opened again. Out walk the young boy, Chris. I narrowed my eyes to see what he was holding. Realizing it was the girl's dead body in his arms, everyone leapt into action.

    The local officers started to bark orders and press spectators backward. The news crews tried to fight forward with no avail. Still, they flashed photos.

    I saw one of the local cops try to approach the boy, and ordered Chris to stop. Chris didn't listen, so I holstered my gun and moved towards him.

    Chris's eyes were transfixed on the body. As he walked by, I recognized that the body was indeed Kerri Cadwell.

    I saw FBI quickly enter the house Chris had exited from, but I stayed with the boy, watching him silently cry.

    He kept walking forward, to the girl's house across the street. A small circle had formed around the two teenagers; police unsure of what to do.

    Sure, protocol said to halt the progress as soon as possible but no one could bring themselves to do that. We needed the boy alive, and any immediate reaction without knowing his mental status could have a bad outcome.

    The young blue near to me started to move towards Chris, gun drawn. I pulled him back and shook my head.

    "But protocol-"

    "Doesn't always apply," I finished. "Watch and learn."

    I watched sadly as Chris continued up to KC's house and through the front door. He continued until he reached what I took to be the girl's bathroom.

    Gently and ever so carefully, he laid her down. I watched him fiddle with her position like a mother over a child. He brushed her hair out of her face, adjusted her arms and placed her hands by her side.

    Kneeling down next to her, he started to speak in a muffled and choked voice.

    After a few verses, I realized he was trying to sing. I recognized the tune, "You Are My Sunshine." I had sung this to my daughter every night. Now I saw a young man singing it to his dead girlfriend.

    Stepping forward, I went to pull Chris away. He resisted. Using more force, I pulled him to his feet and cuffed him. He let me do that, but stayed by the bed, singing to her. His eyes never left her closed ones.

    "You are my-" I pulled harder."No! Sunshine, my only-"

    Kicking, he tried to throw me off. His foot connected with my knee and I got more forceful.

    "No! Let go! You can't!" He started to hoarsely yell.

    Shoving me off, he rushed back to the bed and fell to his knees beside it. Two more officers stepped forward and pulled him screaming from the room. Tears and blood covered his face.

    Before they pulled him from the room, he gave me one last fleeting look.

    Sorrow. Hate. Anger. Anguish. Horror. Pain. His face was a mask of hurt. His eyes pleaded with to be let go and he screamed in distress.

    Turning back to the girl on the bed, pain crossed my face too. I wasn't her best friend, but even still it hurt to look.

    I stared, unable to understand why someone so young and promising could be killer. What would, or even could, drive someone that far?
  12. Crying attack.
  13. Saaaaaadd. Wait: a tear is flowing down my cheek. Now another. Oh my God, i am crying over a story. A story. But it is a sad story and- WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!
  14. Chapter 48

    I watched from outside the interrogation room as Chris was interviewed. Again. It had been 3 days since the suicide and final kills. Autopsies were over, and the final evidence had been put together.

    The boy though, had stayed in the station for the last few days, willingly. But he had refused to talk to anyone, not even his foster parents. It was like he wanted to help but couldn't bring himself to speak of the incident.

    Now, he sat in the empty room handcuffed. Calm, undisturbed by the silence. Since he hasn't spoken in 3 days, we were going to try a different tactic.

    Agent Thornton quietly entered the room, empty handed. Without a word, she pulled an envelope out of he pocket and slide it across the table to Chris.

    He grabbed it. Opening it, he pulled out the piece of paper inside. His face grew hard and rigid, and his eyes locked onto Thornton's.

    She walked over and took the paper and envelope back, placing into her jacket. Leaning over, she unlocked Chris's cuffs, setting him free.

    He waited until she was at the door to follow her. I followed too.

    Through the office they led her. The whole time, we had made it so no one spoke. Not a single person in the office.

    Down we continued, to the garage. We silently entered a car and drive to the morgue. Not a word left anyone's lips.

    When Agent Thornton and Chris arrives with me, the whole morgue went silent too. It was as we had planned.

    The medical examiners led us to a small room in the back, with one body. Kerri Cadwell.

    The two medical examiners with us took a step back from the body, and Agent Thornton and I followed suit.

    Chris however stepped forward, toward the body. He reached a hand up and held it right above her.

    He traced her features without actually touching her. He started to hum softly as he did it.

    After a few minutes, he turned back to us.

    "I think I can talk now," he finally said, ending his silence.

    "Can you tell us what we want to know?" I asked.

    "I think I can tell you what happened," he said slowly.

    I nodded. Together, we left the morgue and went back to the station. We led him back to the interrogation room. I watched from outside as Agent Thornton started to slowly question him.

    "What is your name?" She asked for confirmation.

    "Chris Jones."

    I watched as she continued to ask questions, pulling out all the information she could from him. Somethings he refused to answer. Others, he couldn't remember.

    After about 2 hours, Agent Thornton thanked Chris for talking. She had gotten out everything she needed to know.

    She asked him what he wanted to do now, since he was free to leave.

    "Can I stay here? For a little while at least. I... Want to talk to the victims' families."

    Agent Thornton looked surprised. "That's very brave of you."

    He nodded. "And my parents and Zadie probably. Could I possibly have lunch as well?"

    "Of course. What would you like?" She asked with a smile.

    "I'm not sure. Can I think for a moment?"

    She nodded and left. I walked to meet her.

    "We got all we could," she informed me.

    "You did well."

    "Thanks." She breathed a sigh of relief.

    Together, we walked out to the main office area. Thornton went to talk to someone about lunch for Chris and I set about finding our media expert, Chenoa Gold.

    "Radke?" Someone then called out.

    I turned to look for the voice. It was a young man with dark brown hair.

    "Yes?" I asked.

    He walked over. "I was told to talk to you."

    "Ok. Follow me." I took him to office.

    "In the confidence that what I'll tell will not get me arrested, I can give information about Kerri Cadwell leading up to her death," he explained as we sat down.

    "We don't need that. We already talked to the boyfriend."

    "The boyfriend was only there in the last few minutes of her life. I was in contact with her the days leading up to the suicide. That's all I'm saying until you agree."

    What information he had did strike me as interesting, but I could not legal provide him with the answer he wanted.

    "I cannot promise anything," I told him. "But I can assure you that if your information is used and your name revealed, I will do my very best to protect you from imprisonment, especially if your information proves valid."

    He nodded. "I guess that's the best you can do."

    "What's your name, son?"

    "Tris McCoy, eighteen."

    He continued. "I'm part of a gang. I was visiting the hideout of another gang, when I saw KC for the first time. I watched her do business, and decided to look into her. I mean, she kinda pretty."

    Looking in, I found out she was here from a gang in LA. Turns out, after I got to know her, she was just an honorary member. Anyways, she did some business and paid the bill, and I followed her. Found her room, watched her sleep one night, and watched her in the hideout."

    We got talking eventually and I found out who she was. Yeah, I flirted and then her dad walked in on us. He got physical with KC and she lashed out, killing him. I couldn't stop her. She was mortified by what she'd done, and terrified. So I gave her a plan to escape."

    He paused to breath. "You know why no number 9 body was found? Because it was her father. I faked another death for her across town to make it seem like she struck there. But the numbers you'll find on Colt and Lucky's bodies are eleven and twelves. KC was thirteen."

    "Why did you help her?" I asked.

    "Because I promised her father I'd keep her safe. That was the only way I could. I hid her in my house to try and stop her from killing. But she couldn't. She ran away. And stuck again."

    I nodded. "Alright. I can charge you with murder, but I'm not going to. I'm going to say it was necessary because you were trying to control a killer. Not many people would do that."

    "Thank you. Can I talk to Chris?"

    I hesitated. "Sure, why not?"

    Showing him to Chris's room, I let him in. The boys looked at each other for a moment before introducing themselves. I watched for a moment and then let the boys get to know each other.

    Heading back towards the main room, I passed Agent Thornton.

    "Prepare a press conference together," I said. "We've solved this case."
  15. I'm SO glad you guys like the story  It means a lot to me. One more chapter, an epilogue and we're through! That's it! This story is done and the next begins
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  18. Tris's story kinda reminds me of the song my eyes adored you for some reason.
  19. Great story. Brought tears to my eyes :)