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    Chapter 41

    I saw a look of pain pass over KC's face as she carefully held her hand. Then it went calm, expressionless almost after a few moments. Anger quickly settled in and I saw a hatred in her.

    She stood and drew her other knife in her left hand. I had been holding her father back, and now just let go.

    "KC," I warned. "Stop."

    I retreated as she approached, hostile. Her father had calmed down a bit by now and wasn't as angry, but as KC moved towards him, I saw him tense.

    "KC, put that down. Look, we can solve this in a better way," her father tried to reason.

    She slowly shook her head. "No."

    Jumping forward, KC drove the knife into her father's stomach. My eyes widen, and jumped forward to push KC back. My arm caught her around the neck and we both fell to the ground.

    I pinned her to the ground, and wrestled the knife from her hand. A foot connected with my face, causing me to wince.

    She screamed at me to let go. "Tris, get off of me! He deserves to die! He never didn't my mother any good, he left me when I needed him most and now he wants to turn me in! I want to kill him! You're suppose to be helping me!"

    "KC, shut up!" I socked her in the jaw and crawled over to her father, taking the knife with me.

    He was breathing fast and clutching his stomach. Blood was seeping through his hands as I pressed on them to stop the bleeding.

    I hadn't realized it was her father. No child should kill their father.

    "Get your hands off of me," he growled. I ignored him. "Don't let me live if your plan is to let her be a murderer. I don't want to see that."

    He pushed me off, and tried to crawl away. I was shocked.

    I could hear KC behind me. She gasped and moved towards her dad. I grabbed her wrist. As she tried to push me off, her dad said, "He's right KC. You meant to kill me. If that's the type of person you are, then I deserve to die for bringing such a sick creature into this world."

    KC's eyes widen and stopped pulling away. "No, Dad! Please, I didn't mean to! I don't want this! Let me help you!"

    "Did you help the others you killed? No, so don't help me," he said harshly.

    Tears ran down KC's face, and she ran back to her room. I let her go.

    The man's breathing was getting slower and slower.

    I watched him. "Your last thoughts shouldn't be that your daughter hates you," I said calmly.

    He glared at me.

    "She really is sorry."

    "How would you know?" He rasped.

    "I've watched her kill before," I explained, recalling what I had seen from the shadows of the club. "She does mean to hurt people, she just can't help it. It's an impulse, she's addicted. I saw the look in her eyes before, it was the same when she hit you. She's not herself then, but did you see her afterwards? How upset she was? That's the real KC, not the one hurting people."

    Her father was silent for a moment. "I don't know who you are, or why you are helping her kill people but, keep herself. I'm not saying to continue to kill people but that since you're part of her mess, you need to get her out of it safe. Unharmed."

    "I promise she'll be safe."

    "Hell she will be, or I'll come back and haunt you from the ******* grave."

    How nice.

    "Watch out for her boyfriend too... He'll kill you."

    I smirked. "I'll watch out."

    "How old are you?"


    He gave a strained chuckle. "He's 15, and will still kick your ass."

    We sat in silence, aside from his raspy breathing. After a moment, he spoke.

    "Tell her I love her," he breathed, and quietly fell to the ground.

    I closed his eyes, and walked back to KC's room, taking her knives with me. Crying, she sat on her bed.

    "KC, he's gone."

    She stopped sobbing and looked at me slowly. She stood up and walked over to me, burying her face into my shirt and tightly wrapping her arms around me. She started to silently cry again.

    I tentatively wrapped my arms around her. I was recalling what her father had said about her boyfriend. As much as KC was incredibly hot, and sexy if I do say so myself, I knew she'd never fall for me. I could love my heart out to her, but she'd stay loyal to Chris. And I didn't want to get in trouble with him. Yeah, course I'd continue flirting with her, but it would be hopeless.

    So, I squeezed her into a tight hug.

    "I didn't mean to, I swear," she cried. "I don't know what came over me. I don't want to kill people, it just feels good. I can't help myself. Oh God, what have I become?"


    "Help me Tris."

    "I'll try, I promise." I led her over to the bed and sat down, wrapping my arm gently around her shoulder. "Now, tell me what's wrong."

    She took a deep breath. "I get this feeling, sometimes. Just this wanting, to kill someone. Just anyone. Like when you're hungry? That wanting to eat? Like that."


    KC wiped tears off of her face. "And so I do it. I just... Kill people. I don't know why, I just do. As weird as that sounds, it's true."

    I looked at her strangely. "People would say you're psychotic, a mental freak."

    "I'm not! I'm a normal, regular-"

    "I know KC. I know."

    "I just got that impulse, to strike him. I forgot how much I loved him! Yes, I hated for some things but-" She broke down sobbing again.

    I comforted her. "Shhhh... It's ok."

    "No it not! This all started so much differently. I was never meant to go this far."

    "How far was it suppose to go?"

    "Far enough, but not eight people."

    "What do you want to do now?"

    She hesitated, and thought for a moment. She came to a decision. "I'll go along with the plan. You kill Timothy while I'm in jail, let me out and then we'll go from there."
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    Chapter 42

    "Sit down."

    I sat. My hands were cuffed in front of me. One of the agents shoved the microphone closer to me. Glaring at him, he glared back.

    I was silent. I knew my rights.

    "We know who you are Kerri. Now, what are you doing here?" I was silent. Tris and I had agreed on what I was and wasn't going to answer.

    "Kerri, answer me. What are you doing here?"'


    "Did someone bring you here? Did you come here yourself?" He demanded.

    "Why am I cuffed?"

    "I'm asking questions. You're cuffed because you're the top suspect," he answered anyways.

    "Oh am I now?" I mocked.

    "Listen kid. I'm not here to play games. Eight people are dead, all by the same person. Now, we've got evidence to link you to all the cases. We can play the easy game or the hard game."

    "But you just said you didn't want to play games," I argued.

    He threw up his arms in frustration. I leaned forward. "You've got the wrong gal."

    "I'm damn sure we have the right one. She's sitting right in front of me."

    I waited for him to continue. "Why are you here? A top suspect wanted for eight murders doesn't just walk in a police station filled with federal agents."

    "You're Agent Radke, right?" I said changing the topic.

    "Yeah I am, now back on topic."

    "Look, I came to prove my innocence. I have an alibi for each-"

    "That's bull!" Radke shouted. "I have enough evidence to sentence you for the man slaughter of eight children, and for you to be in jail until you die, rot and then some."

    I shrugged. "I want lawyer. I came peacefully, no need to lock me up. No reason to. You know that, Radke."

    "It's Agent Radke."

    "Alright, Agent. Tell me what you got."

    "I told you, enough to-"

    "I got all that. Real facts, that's what I want."

    He sat down, across from me. His face had progressively gotten redder through the interrogation.

    "Zadie put it together."


    "Zadie, your guardian right now. She figured it out and contacted us."

    This wasn't right. "Explain."

    "She figured it out, but didn't want to sell you out. She knew you didn't mean it. So, she was silent until the stunt you pulled earlier today. Then, she told us what she thought. I had my eyes on you, but really nothing against you because we didn't think a kid could pull this off."

    I snorted.

    "So we dug deeper, and found that, yes, you could be linked to each crime quite strongly."

    "What time is it?" I interrupted.

    "Almost 8:15. Why?"

    "Wondering how long I've been here."

    "Almost an hour."

    "Yeah, I can do math, thanks," I retorted. "Continue."

    He did, and proceeded to lay out everything to link me to the crimes. My fighting skills, the missing knives, my connection to each victim.

    I finally interrupted him again. "I want to speak with Chris and a lawyer."

    "You'll get them."

    I slumped back in my chair, mouth firmly set to show my displeasure with that. I raised my eyebrows expectantly.

    "Not now," Radke said. "Later."

    I stayed silent.

    "Look, punk. You're making this harder than it needs to be."

    "Am I?"

    "Yes you are. Just answer the goddamn question! You knew you could be linked to each crime, why did you come here?"

    "To prove I'm innocent," I answered simply.

    "You're not innocent! We all know that!"

    "I'm innocent," I repeated.

    Agent Radke growled in frustration and stalked out of the interrogation room, and slammed the door behind him.

    I sat back in the chair again, and thought. It had been a little over and hour. That should've given Tris enough time to get across time and kill Timothy. He should be on his way back by now.

    I closed my eyes, and tried to relax. I had been on edge since entering the office. Tris and I walked to the door, but only I entered. No one questioned me until I walked into where the federal agents were staying. Then all guns snapped on me like nobody's business.

    Cuffed, thrown into a room and yelled at. Real nice welcome.

    My eyes had been closed for less than a few moments before I heard angry footsteps approaching followed by the door opening forcefully.

    I kept my eyes closed, and just listened.

    "Get out of here!" Radke shouted.

    "No!" It was Chris.

    "Listen kid, there's a killing spree going on here, and unless you too want to be a suspect, I recommend you stay out of it."

    "That's my girlfriend. I want to talk to her."

    "Chris?" I interrupted. "Sorry guys, but Chris? What are you doing here?"

    I sat up and looked at them, Radke standing in the doorway between Chris and I. Chris shoved passed the agent and walked over to me, clasping my cuffed hands.

    "I'm here for you."

    "They don't believe I'm innocent. Zadie is even against me."

    I could see him tense and hesitate.

    "It'll be ok."

    "You don't believe it either," I said, faking sadness. Of course he didn't believe it. I wouldn't except anything less of him, he was too logical. That's one thing I loved him for, I couldn't really be mad at him for that, but I could fake it.

    "KC, of course I think you're innocent. But you can't reject obvious evidence."

    I wrenched my cuffed hands put of his the best I could. "Yeah, so I've heard."

    He reached for my hands again. "KC-"

    "No! Take your hands off of me! I'm a murderer, right?! Then get your hands off of my filthy ones!" I shouted, turning away from him.

    "Get out son, you've done enough damage," Radke said.

    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him approach Chris from behind. The agent grabbed Chris's shoulder. Chris spun around, upper-cutting him, and then grabbing the back of his head and slamming in onto his knee.

    Radke slumped over, before trying to stand again. Chris brought his heel down on his foot, and left angrily. I knew he was mad at me.

    I watched Radke roll in pain on the floor for a minute before another agent ran in to help him. I smirked as he left for a few minutes.

    He returned with an ice pack held to his face. "Nice boyfriend."


    "We got an anonymous call saying there was another crime across town. My fellow agents are going to investigate. I've been told to tell you that you may be proved innocent if it's the same killer. I don't know who's going to overlook the huge amount of evidence against you. One kill while you're in jail isn't going to override that."

    "We'll see, won't we?"

    He grunted and left. I waited patiently for more information.

    When the door opened again, I was shocked to see Tris entering.

    "Hello. I'm Agent Rose from the Los Angeles police force, here to escort you to a high security prison."

    He flashed me a grin as he unlocked my cuffs, and then led me from the room.
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    Chapter 43

    I was still cuffed, just now not to a table. Tris led me outside, posing as another agent. He helped me into the transport vehicle and then we drove off.

    As soon as we were out of sight, he tossed me the keys to my cuffs. I unlocked myself as he explained.

    "Timothy's dead. I called the station to notify them, just to help things along. Clothes in the bag," he said, handing over a backpack.

    "The van?" I asked, turning my back to him as I changed my shirt.

    "I know some guys. They think I'm taking you to Los Angeles."

    "Good, thanks. Take me to my house."


    "I need to take care of some things." He shrugged and changed courses.

    "You sure you don't want to lay low for a few days?"

    I considered the idea, and tried to flex my fingers. They still hurt really bad. "Ok, yeah. Sure."

    "You can stay at my place," he offered.

    "Deal. Keep going to my house though. I have things to pick up."

    Adrenaline was pumping through me still. I hopped out of the car as soon as we pulled up ad sprinted inside. No one was there, thankfully. Chris must have told Colt and Lucky to clear out.

    In the basement, I grabbed an extra set of knives and gear. Before I could leave, Zadie appeared at the bottom of the stairs. My heart dropped.


    "Zadie." If I was nervous before, I couldn't explain how I felt now. She stood between me and my way out. My hands could barely hold the gear in my hands.

    I dropped the stuff, and grabbed a saber off the wall behind me. I picked up a long knife in my left hand.

    Zadie pulled a gun out of a holster.

    "You don't want to do that," she said.

    "You don't want to do that," I answered back.

    "You're right."

    "Then put it down. We'll settle this the old fashioned way." I had no idea where that came from. Zadie had trained me, there was no way I could beat her. And with real weapons.

    She threw the gun on the floor and pulled a pike off the wall. The tip was wicked sharp.

    I charged at her, bellowing. She wouldn't make the first move, I had to. She didn't need me to leave, the longer I stayed the better chance I was to be caught.

    She held her ground and swung the pike outwards, tip pointed at my stomach. I slashed at it with the saber, and she moved it upward out of the way. Bring it back down in a sweeping motion, she aimed for my head. With the knife, I parried the attack over my head, spinning with it. I used the momentum to drive the saber with my bad hand toward Zadie's chest.

    The butt of the pike knocked my blade back, and I was pushed back with a kick. I saw Zadie rush me, using an overhand slash, something the pike wasn't meant for. I realized then Zadie wasn't trying to kill me, but keep me alive for capture. That was comforting at least.

    I used my smaller knife to support the saber, crossing the hilts so they locked together. I threw the crossed blades above my head, stopping the pike. It caught on the hilt of the saber, letting me bring the knife back and throw it into Zadie's leg. She cried out as it sunk in.

    I jumped away, and watched. Zadie pulled the knife from her thigh, and threw in on the ground. Quickly, I grabbed another one as I saw her stalk towards me. She twirled the pike with ease, ignoring the pain in her leg.

    A steady flow of hits followed, and I struggled to block them all. A butted drive connected with the ankle, and I knew that would bruise. Spinning out of reach, I gave us room to catch my breath.

    She was good with the pike. I needed to be better. As she charged again, I feinted left to dodge. As I pulled instead to the right, I barely dodged under the end of the staff. Crouching, I spun around and snapped a kick into Zadie's knee from the side. I knew that would break.

    A hot pain seared down my back and Zadie brought the butt of the pike dow. I tucked and rolled, whimpering as I rolled over the sore area. Zadie's knuckles were white she was gripping the pike so tightly.

    Zadie placed all weighted on her other leg and turned to face, seething with rage.

    I attacked with the saber. Zadie tucked and swung with the pike, easily deflecting everything. I tried a backhand uppercut. Zadie released the pike with her right hand and let the whole length run down the blade until it tip clashed with the hilt.

    The spike end caught the hilt and wrenched it from my hands. I let go as the saber flew across the room. Nervously, I started to attack with just the one hand.

    Zadie swung the butt of the pike toward my face and using my right hand I had to block it. I could hear the bones crack as they collided with my flat palm. Screaming, I ducked down, cradling my palm.

    "Don't do this KC," Zadie said, stopping. She dropped the pike and crouched next to me. "Listen, come with me."

    I was silent. Suddenly, I jumped up. Grabbing the gear with one hand, I sprinted toward the stairs. I knew I couldn't beat Zadie, but I could run away.

    I ran straight for the van, and Tris opened to door so I only had to jump in. He hit the gas, and I pushed the fight out of my mind. I was moving on. Zadie didn't understand. I knew what I had to do now, and I had to do it.


    The lock clicked behind me as I entered Tris's place. I felt him brush past me.

    "C'mon, I show you around," he said smiling.

    Surprisingly, the apartment was very clean. The living room look completely normal; the walls were covered in bookcases, there was a small TV, couch and a small table.

    The kitchen connected to the living room with a small half wall, the entrance right next to door way. The front door was set a step above the rest of the apartment, it was set down lower.

    I followed Tris along the half wall to a hallway that ran away from the rest of the place. Three doors came off of it. Tris pointed to them in turn.

    "My bedroom, my special room, bathroom."

    He opened the door to his room. It was only a bed and a dresser.

    "You can stay here, I'll sleep on the couch," he said kindly.

    "Are you sure? I mean-"

    "Yes I'm sure."

    I nodded and dropped my gear next to his bed.

    "Make yourself at home. I'm going grab some breakfast." He walked out of the room.

    My hand throbbed painfully. Unpacking the things I hand grabbed, I found the bandages and ice pack. Wrapping the hand, I placed the ice on it, then wrapped that too.

    Walking out to the kitchen, I found Tris chopping onions and throwing them into a simmering pan.

    "I cook," he said, laughing at the stunned look on my face.

    "I though you meant you'd defrost something, not sauté onions," I replied.

    I watched, them suddenly wrapped him in a big hug. He slowly hugged back. "Thank you. For everything."

    "No problem," he said. "I promised I'd keep you save."

    "You also promised to kill someone for me."

    "What's wrong with that?"

    "Flirt," I teased.

    "I can be."

    Smiling, I tickled him. "Way to ruin the moment," I joked.

    "Sorry, KC." He smiled. "Breakfast in ten."

    I groaned. I was hungry now, the police didn't exactly feed me. Sulking over to the couch, I turned on the TV. Anything but the news.

    "Go to the news," Tris called.

    I groaned. "Anything but, please!"

    "I want to see how good the police are, for future reference." So I switched to the news.
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