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  1.  Fairly certain that no one will stop hiting him. He actually believed he has a choice as to when the hits stop? hmm :s
  2. Vengeance, 14/14/6 attack p:18. Glad to see you bought a pot, but 1 extra isn't doing much good.
  3. Gh for the win
  4. I swear it was more like all of the pots :lol: damn KaW
  5. Nick- Brokenblade has a RL the second osw happens dam…coincedince? i think not! :roll:
  6. actually i have not been on much in the past 6months but now i will be dumping every troop i get into u guys
  7. @Broken I've been hitting you for the past day with minimal return, currently you're zeroed and in pin go back and sit in KHOR so the PWAR can continue.
  8. :lol: Brokenblade is like, "We Declare War".

    After a little, "oh em jeeez, my great aunt Nina came down with something, and I'm the only family she's got. I have to go and save my auntie Nina before it's too late!".

    A few short posts later, "wow! Suddenly she recovered and I have time to dump troops on you every 5 minutes! Life is great!"
  9. My grandmas turtle died. Cant osw guys sorz. RL comes first
  10. @Phen0m - oh ****. Was it sudden? Did he go peacefully? When is the wake, and am I invited?
  11. Did I miss the memo, this is still a war game, YES. Then **** up and fill my newsfeed
  12. Btw only rusted knight is up for it, a true warrior, you bad people
  13.  Update, Asthma sold his account and left. Buh bye #1 KHoR 