KFC: Dude, Really?

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  1. Not being able to cure the craving for some chicken wings is a terrible situation.
  2. Eat at Popeye's. It's better and they always got chicken 
    That gif is awesome 
  3. Why:( whyyyyyy

    Stupid kfc just cause i robbed u u dont need to go all soft and waste the money i was kind enough to leave u
  5. Bump for Narwhal.
  6. Rage quit will ️
  7. UPDATE: (Since I cannot edit my original post):

    So, since April, I have hardheartedly refused to go to my local KFC. If they cannot supply me with chicken when I want it, they will not get my business.

    The other day, my father called me to see if it was cool for my parents to visit. Sure.

    He walks in with a couple of buckets of chicken from KFC.

    I say; "Dad, where did you get that?" His natural response..."McDonald's. Where the **** do you think I got KFC from?" I explain my history with them. He cares. Eats the chicken.

    I honestly think it's me.
  8. I heard that KFC has a new brand of Chicken produced especially for mongs.

    Apparently it's 'Window licking good'.
  9. America, you are allowed guns, just pop a cap in the managers ass already :lol:

    Hold them all hostage until you get your ******* chicken.
    It's what I would do.....
  10. So where da chicken at mayne?
  11. Hmm. Here in Kentucky, I've never seen a KFC out of chicken. They do run out of chicken livers though, which makes me sad.
  12. It was ok but definitely not even close to your other stuff willy pick up your game
  13. Don't. Just no. Uninstall.
  14. Look at the date, this is old stuff
  15. :lol: omg Willy <3
  16. Your stories never fail to amuse :lol:
  17. Yes. REALLY.

  18. lol