KFC: Dude, Really?

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  1. UK has the same problem also sub way
  2. I believe you are lying sir
  3. Our ice cream parlor ran out of ice cream 
  4. Well.... That was 5 minutes of my time i will never get back....
  5. At least I know now what to get you for Christmas :eek:
  6. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I just DIED from LAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's hilarious. I would give it five of five chicken wings, but guess what? I'M OUT OF CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. :cry: why you bump this and make me cry?
  8. That'd be like going to a church and they don't have a bible
  9. When they say they are "out" of chicken I don't think they mean they don't have any in the whole store lol. It's either cooking which takes 16 minutes.
  10. Or if you wanted a certain piece they could have easily just run out of that particular one. A lot of people like the breasts more than any other piece.
  11. No. No.

    They were "out". None.

    No lie.

    And this wasn't the first time this has happened here.
  12. You should tell them you play KaW... Then ask for their kingdom. Then strip them. Maybe it'll help xD
  13. Lol I loved this when it was first posted I still love it now :lol:
  14. I've had the same problem, only with kfc, never church's, never popeye's.

    Only kfc: "sorry sir, we're out of chicken, would you like to try a pot pie?"

    Stupid kfc.
  15. Well I'm glad one of my threads was bumped.

    Thank you all for the entertainment in the past 3 years. Wish you all the best in all your life's endeavors.
  16. icrievrytime
  17. I just read this out loud to my whole family, i am dying here, call the emergency services xD
  18. You too Willy. ️

    Sad times for the forum community. :(
  19. :lol: :lol: