kaws oldest active players

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  1. Your pants are on fire

    Forums says you joined on the 18th
  2. could you see when shifter joined please?
  3. I always thought that the forum join date was the day you first opened forums. Is that incorrect?
  4. December 28th, 2009
  5. For a while that was true (I tested it with an alt) but it seems they fixed it. Now I think forums is the most accurate - as achieves can be shifted if you missed logging on the exact day you'd earn it
  6. Over 7 years on original account started 2.5 months after kaw launch 6.5 approx on this one. Kaw dinosaur here like killzone. 
  7. Thats right I got it after I got my ipod for christmas
  8. That is indeed correct.
  9. i believe my 7th will be this November? :? or sometime near that.
  10. You mean 6th year? :)

    Just started a week back, I hope I get those achievements too :p
  11. Interesting
  12. Congrats ima, I'm 6ys
  13. I got 7 years in november
  14. Nub
  15. Got my 5 year badge in October, after 5 years kaw has changed so much lol
  16. I've heard that the oldest kaw player is "TheLegend27". They say he was the first player ever. They day he can throw a Boulder further than a catapult can
  17. Sometime in October of 2009 for me
  18. If I had to guess, I'd say kool-aid or Juliane would be one of first players to get 8 yr badge.
  19. Game started in September 2009 I believe